Day: 13/08/2012

YG Entertainment clarifies G-Dragon’s ‘money flower’ photo

By: KAOWAO Earlier today, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon got into a slight scuffle when he posted a picture to his Twitter account depicting a bill of paper money torn and folded up into a flower, with some critics pointing out that damaging official currency could be illegal. However, YG Entertainment soon clarified the issue in a phone call, saying that the currency used was a fake. “The ‘money flower’ G-Dragon revealed is nothing more than a fake prop for use in the music []

G-Dragon Postpones New Album Release Date

By: VIP4DAESUNG G-Dragon’s new solo album will have to delay its release date due to the new video rating law implemented by the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB). According to a report by Star News, G-Dragon and YG Entertainment just recently found out that the new video rating law initiated by KMRB gets enforced on August 18, the initial set date for G-Dragon’s new solo album, which is also his birthday. Because of this new law, all videos expected to get released []

G-Dragon Personally Provides Teasers to Upcoming Album MV

Usually YG Entertainment takes care of promotions when its artists are about to make a comeback, but Big Bang’s G-Dragon is switching things up a bit and instead doing a little bit of self-promotion for his upcoming solo album. During the period of three days from August 11 to 13, G-Dragon took to his Twitter to upload small teasers of his upcoming solo album. These teasers included photos of various things that happened on the set of his new music video set. []

Kristen Stewart: Scandalous Trampire

I am trying really hard to contain myself, but, it’s just to fun to pick on someone who is a hypocrite, especially when the facts truly are facts and scandalous bullshit.  Pardon my French. You, I feel bad for Robert Pattinson, I really do, being cheated on it awful, it’s happened to me and it makes you feel like shit, but do onto others as you would have them do onto you.  He pursued her while she still had a boyfriend and []

Oh DragonLance, where are you hiding?

I love the DragonLance novels.  You know the books that are akin to Forgotten Realms and Magic the Gathering.  Although, if you go into a bookstore nowadays, you wouldn’t believe that they used to be so big.  The DragonLance novels used to span to bookcases.  It used to be the place I would run to when I entered a bookstore.  Science Fiction-Fantasy, yeah, that was my section.  My mom read more of those books that I did, of course they have been []

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s was not Robin—He was Thomas Blake, Catman

We all saw the end of the movie.  Where his name was Robin.  Now anyone who knows anything can comprehend how incredibly stupid that was.  You could say it was clever but it wasn’t.  Dick Grayson was the first Robin.  Was his name Robin, um no.  Was it clever and ingenious that Christopher Nolan made Blake’s name Robin? Hell no!  It was so incredibly stupid.  They went through this whole charade of giving him the name Blake, the name he goes by, []

Week 32 2012

Superboy #12 Night Games This was a very humorous issue.  I loved it.  And there was finally a change in the artwork!  Thank heavens.  Here there was more definition, more solidarity in the design of the characters.  However there was a mess up in inking, but it was slight (it concerned the girls dress – I promised my mom I would say something, it really bugged her).  As far as writing goes, it was great.  It was funny, characters developed well and []