Day: 15/08/2012

Walking Dead Movie Rumored At AMC

By: Katey Rich AMC"s The Walking Dead remains one of the most popular geek-friendly properties out there, whether on TV or at the movies– just witness the massive lines for the show’s yearly Comic Con panels for proof. So with the show going strong on the small screen, and a huge comic book background to draw on, it’s only natural the people behind it would start eyeing something bigger. While there are no active plans in the works to turn The Walking []

Keanu’s 47 Ronin Pushed Again, To Christmas 2013

By: Katey Rich Are we ever, ever actually going to see Keanu Reeves’s 47 Ronin? The massive martial arts project, which stars Reeves as a man wandering 18th-century Japan who joins a band of samurais, had initially been set for release on November 14 this year, and was bumped last spring to a release February 8, 2013. Now the film has been shifted yet again, but unlike a lot of movies that keep getting pushed back, it’s been placed in an even []

PlayStation 4—When is it gonna happen?

To the left is the concept contest winning model.  Now I think it’s a pretty cool concept.  But the question remains, will be ever get to play this game?  Personally, I think I would have liked a black and silver finish versus his red and silver, but that’s just me. The PlayStation 4 or PS4, will be the 8th generation video game console developed by Sony.  It has been given the codename “Orbis”, which if you ask me is kinda cool.  Sony []

Does Sony Have Too Much Faith In Vita’s Holiday Potential?

By: Adam Ma   (@34thGingerbread) It’s not very hard to see that the handheld industry is an absolute mess right now. Nintendo has just spent the last year and a half pushing a console whose features are rapidly becoming another irrelevant gimmick despite initial claims, iOS is rapidly overtaking the market with a hefty push of freemium and casual titles, and Sony’s failure to impress with Vita sales has left a lot of gamers wondering if they’ve made the right purchase. Limping from []

Rumour: Nintendo Wii U Release Set For Thanksgiving

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) The Nintendo Wii U will launch between November the 19th and November the 23rd in North America, if a GameStop employee is to be believe. GoNintendo were told by a GameStop employee that Nintendo’s next console would be arriving just in time for the Black Friday shopping season in America, which is around the time of Thanksgiving. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything concrete regarding the Nintendo Wii U’s release period, or a price point for the console. However, they []

Bill and Ted’s Paradoxical Journey?

Have you heard?  There will be a Bill and Ted Movie, a third one.  Now, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was hilarious!  Absolutely hilarious that I loved it.  But Bogus Journey was just a rehash of the first one, and a very stupid crappy one at that.  One would think that the Bill and Ted’s Franchise was done and over it.  But it’s been roughly 20 years, give or take a few, and the plot for the third one has been fermenting []

CW Network–Retro Weekends

The weekends can be very boring for some who are just to tired to go out.  With work and school and all the things I busy myself with, my idea of a good time is simply going to the bookstore, picking up a book sitting in the café and reading.  That’s me, it’s what I like to do in life, I like to read (if you hadn’t already guessed).  But the bookstore I lived next to was turned into a parking lot []