Day: 21/08/2012

Capcom building Remember Me into ‘major franchise’

By: Eddie Makuch Capcom’s new action game Remember Me won’t ship until May 2013, but that has not kept the publisher from already stating its plans for the future of the series. Speaking to Joystiq, Capcom senior producer Mat Hart said the publisher is hoping to work with developer Dontnod Entertainment to spin the game into a series. "We’re looking to build a long-lasting relationship with [Dontnod Entertainment] as a developer, and build [Remember Me] into a major franchise," Hart said. Hart’s []

Female Expendables Already In Development

By: Katey Rich Though The Expendables has obviously become a brand name, with two hit films now out there and rumors of a third all over the place, the concept of uniting a bunch of famous action stars isn’t something you can copyright. So while we may never get an official female version of The Expendables— which, inevitably, would be called something awful like The Expendablettes— a different production company is apparently ready to give it a shot. According to Variety “production []

New Tropico in development

By: Eddie Makuch A new Tropico game is in development at Haemimont Games, and it’s gearing up to implement a range of new changes, studio CEO Gabriel Dobrov told Joystiq recently. “We’ve already started on Tropico,” Dobrov said. “This time we’re wiping the whole game clean and building it from the ground up. We’re starting with a clean design this time and all the graphics will be new.” Dobrov did not say what era the game might take place in, or where []

Anna Kendrick Leads Shortlist For Captain America 2 Female Lead

By: Katey Rich Though we’re all excited to see the return of Captain America in his sequel,Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the movie will be missing a lot of what made the first one so fun. As we all know thanks to The Avengers, Captain America is now living in modern times, and though his 1940s values and sense of right and wrong intact, familiar figures like his love Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), his mentor Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) and his best []

Deus Ex dev bothered by industry’s violent focus

By: Eddie Makuch Warren Spector, who led design on the original Deus Ex and is currently working for Disney on the Epic Mickey franchise, is uncomfortable with the industry’s focus on shooters and violence. Speaking to Eurogamer Germany (via Eurogamer), the designer called on developers to use their skills to create more believable characters, not just authentic-looking guns. "Can you imagine what games would look like if [id Software cofounder John Carmack and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney] spent as much time []

Hugo Author Scores Another Adaptation

By: Kristy Puchko With its fantastical story line, incredible imagery, heralded cast and jaw-dropping 3D, Martin Scorsese’s Hugo won plenty of critical love and accolades including 5 Academy Awards, 2 BAFTAs, and a Golden Globe for Best Director. As the family-friendly film was based on the Brian Selznick’s children’s book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, it’s little wonder producers are scoping out Selznick’s other offerings for possible adaptations. Variety reports Chernin Entertainment, the production company behind Rise of the Planet of the []

Twelve (The Danilov Quintet: Book 1)

Great exhilarating book. I have to say though that the novel had a very slow beginning, I had no problem putting it down. That was until the discovery of what the Twelve really were was made. Once Aleksie knew what they were, creatures of the night, I could not put this book down! Given the imagery of the novel, and the subtle yet clear detailing, I felt as though I were in Russia.  Kent gave these characters amazing and distinct personalities and []