Day: 23/08/2012

Galactus Is Coming To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

By: Devin Faraci HOLY SHIT. I know I should be more articulate, but right now I cannot be. The reason is because there is news that leads me to believe The Avengers 2 will feature a giant, horn-hatted Galactus. How?, you ask. Isn’t Galactus trapped at Fox as part of the Fantastic Four rights package? He sure is, but Kevin Feige and his team of dream wizards at Marvel Studios are right now engaged in character swap talks – Marvel will get []

Gerard Butler Won’t Be In The 300 Sequel

By: Katey Rich The sequel to Zack Snyder’s 300, which has been called 300: The Battle of Artemisia but may not stay that way, has already gone into production in time to meet its August 2, 2013. But it’s taken us this long to figure out what we all kind of already knew for sure– Gerard Butler, who broke out as a star in the original 2007 film, won’t be making a return appearance in this stylized comic book universe. Talking to []

Sam Claflin Confirmed As Catching Fire’s Finnick

By: Katey Rich After weeks of casting announcements about minor characters even diehard Hunger Games fans probably didn’t care about, we’ve finally snagged the final bit casting notice about Catching FIre— and it’s exactly what you’re expected. Sam Claflin, last seen in Snow White and the Huntsman, will play the dreamboat tribute Finnick, who competes alongside our heroine Katniss in the Quarter Quell. The news was confirmed today by Lionsgate, though the all-but-settled rumor went around more than a month ago, dashing []

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Finds Its Cashmere

By: Kristy Puchko Whether or not you’ve read Suzanne Collins’ wildly popular YA trilogy, the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games made clear that not all the districts of Panem are equal when it comes to their tributes’ chances in the Capital’s cruel competition. While the film’s romantic leads, Katniss and Peeta, scraped by in the squalid District 12, Districts 1 and 2—known for industries in luxury items and weaponry respectively—are far wealthier regions. And so, the children of these districts are []

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Adds Two More Tributes

By: Katey Rich Usually when a movie begins casting its smaller roles, it announces them in one big batch, or doesn’t announce them at all, allowing you to discover once you peruse IMDB which character actors will be filling the frame behind the main stars. But The Hunger Games is not most movies, as Lionsgate discovered when fans shrieked with anticipation every time a new person was cast, and they’re repeating the strategy for Catching Fire, sending out a press release every []

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Casts District 2’s Brutus

By: Katey Rich At some point I might just set up a template for announcing minor Hunger Games: Catching Fire casting news, since at the rate this news is coming in there will be something to say every day. For what feels like years we’ve been getting updates on who will play minor new characters in the film, while still anxiously waiting for the only new casting news anybody cares about– who’s going to play Finnick? And don’t run that Sam Claflin []

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Casts Brutal Tribute Enobaria

By: Katey Rich We’ve still got tons of casting updates coming in about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and still, they’re not about the most interesting new role, Finnick. But Meta Golding, who has just been cast to play Enobaria in the hotly anticipated sequel, will still have a lot to chew in her new role, playing a former Hunger Games winner who’s famous for winning her own Games in a particularly brutal way: by ripping out another player’s throat with her []