Day: 25/08/2012

7 Ingredients You Should Always Have in Your Freezer for Fast Healthy Meals

By: Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor,EatingWell Magazine When I’m in a rush to get dinner on the table (which is often), I turn to my freezer for help. I like to keep it well stocked with a few essential ingredients that will allow me to get a quick and effortless dinner on the table fast. Plus filling my freezer with healthy options makes it less enticing to run and get takeout. Here are a few of my favorite foods to have on []

Charlotte Riley Joins Tom Cruise In All You Need Is Kill

By: Kristy Puchko Unless you’re an ardent follower of British television or the life of Tom Hardy, you probably haven’t heard of English actress Charlotte Riley. The striking brunette has appeared on numerous TV show and mini-series in her native land, including a made-for-TV movie adaptation of Wuthering Heights where co-starred with her now-fiancé Hardy. However, she hasn’t yet had her breakthrough Stateside. But this is about to change as Variety reports Riley has signed on to Warner Brothers’ All You Need []

Sarah Connor Chronicle’s Thomas Dekker Joins Plush

By: Kelly West Things may not have worked out for the CW’s The Secret Circle, but at the very least, the show’s cancellation likely opened up star Thomas Dekker’s schedule. The actor has signed on to join the cast of Plush, joining Cam Gigandet, Emily Browning and Dawn Olivieri in the thriller. Co-written and directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Plush stars Browning as a rock star on the rise, who loses her brother in a drug overdose and, in addition to trying to []

Ingredients for Big Black Holes Detected in Milky Way’s Core

By: Charles Q. Choi Scientists investigated our galaxy’s central molecular zone, which contains the most massive, densest, and most turbulent molecular clouds in the Milky Way. These surround the heart of our galaxy, which is suspected to be home to a supermassive black hole about 4 million times the mass of the sun. The central molecular zones of galaxies crowd lots of gas close together, making them good places for stars to form. To learn more about these lively regions, scientists used []

Naoki Yoshida: Regaining the trust of Final Fantasy fans will take a “long time”

By: Erren Van Duine Perhaps the greatest mind over at Square Enix right now is Final Fantasy XIV’s producer/director Naoki Yoshida, and it’s easy to see why. Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, the humble creator took the time to touch upon some sensitive subjects. More specifically, the visible damage done to the Final Fantasy brand itself. “Losing your fans’ trust is very easy thing to do. Regaining it is very hard,” Yoshida said. “We believe Final Fantasy XIV is a starting []

The Expendables 2

Here you have soldiers for hire, yet not quite. These men here have honor and loyalty. What Sylvester Stallone wove together here, was more than what one would expect. Not only did this movie carry with it action non-stop, it carried meaning with it, heart. This movie portrayed … Continue reading →