Day: 27/08/2012

Square Enix opens “Lightning Room” -Presentation for New Direction of Lightning Saga- twitter account

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix has readied an all new Twitter account in anticipation of Friday’s 25th anniversary stage event. With the next entry in the FFXIII series being revealed, the first tweet comes from Producer Yoshinori Kitase. He explains that the account was made for this week’s reveal, which will provide a variety of updates during the presentation and Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event. You can follow the FFXIII team yourself @LRFF13. A few short days remain until the full []

G-Dragon Releases Music Video for Autobiographical "One of a Kind"

By: VIP4DAESUNG G-Dragon has released the music video for his new single One of a Kind, his first solo single in three years. One of a Kind, a trendy hip-hop single that stands out with unique sounds, serves as an intro to G-Dragon’s upcoming solo album, and was composed by G-Dragon and Choice37, the YG producer who composed G-Dragon’s A Boy and Big Bang’s Bad Boy. The song will not be released officially as a separate single; it was only meant to []

‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Kim Jung Nan loves Shinee’s Onew and Big Bang’s G-Dragon

By: VIP4DAESUNG A few minutes after she received a heartfelt and beautiful serenade from CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, Kim Jung Nan of SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity bashfully confessed that she loves SHINee’s Onew and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. Appearing on the August 22 broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Kim Jung Nan was met by Lee Jong Hyun as a surprise guest. Kim Jung Nan had endless compliments for Lee Jong Hyun, and as a reply, he serenaded her with Juniel’s Illa Illa. []

Meet Code Of Princess’s Cast Of Characters

By: Shawn Collier   (@ShawnCollier) Last month Atlus shared a peek at the pre-order bonus for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Code of Princess. With only a few months before the game’s Western release they have another new look, this time being of the game’s many unique playable characters. Code of Princess offers players an exciting yet unconventional hardcore experience, deftly blending fighting gameplay with components from classic arcade side-scrolling beat ’em ups and the character development and customization of an RPG. Up []

Can Fan Feedback Make Dragon Age 3 A Better Game?

By: Adam Ma   (@34thGingerbread) A few early years of releasing outstanding RPGs has set a dangerous standard for Bioware, one that both helps move their titles off the shelves while at the same time opening them up to quite a bit of backlash should they not meet expectations. Bioware fans simple expect more from them. Fans may not always know exactly what they want, but that’s because time and again Bioware’s development team has shown intuition into developing realistic universes, characters and []

Week 34 2012 Pt. 1

Birds of Prey #12 Heartbreak & Vine I love Poison Ivy. I absolutely love her. She is right about the team, they are no better then her. But that is shatters makes them a good team. They have this dynamic that builds, making them equal but also so very different in so many ways. That’s why I love these girls, they are friends despite what they say, and they do trust each other, but when they piss each other off, these girls []