Day: 28/08/2012

Classic PlayStation Final Fantasy titles now playable on PS Vita

By: Erren Van Duine PCs aren’t the only ones getting a dose of Final Fantasy VII this month. The as of now available 1.80 update for PlayStation Vita has brought with it a variety of new features including PlayStation Classics compatibility. Of course, PS Classics wouldn’t be complete without Final Fantasy and we’re happy to report nearly every available title is up and working in both North America and Europe. The full list includes: Final Fantasy Origins Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy []

Uncharted film loses another director

By: Eddie Makuch The Uncharted film has lost another director. Variety reports today thatLimitless director Neil Burger has left the project after coming aboard during July 2011. Burger replaced I Heart Huckabees director David O. Russell, who left the captain’s chair for the film in May 2011. The site also reveals that National Treasure writers Marianne and Cormac Wibberley have been tapped to rewrite the untitled movie’s script for Sony Pictures, Atlas Entertainment, and Arad Productions. According to the report, a new []

New Skyrim Hearthfire DLC hits Xbox Live next week

By: Eddie Makuch The wait for new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim content won’t be very long for some. Hearthfire, the role-playing game’s second batch of downloadable content is due out on September 4 on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points ($5), Bethesda announced today. The content allows players to purchase land and build a home from the ground up. Players can furnish their abodes with an armory, alchemy laboratory, and a garden, where they can craft items for use in the []

‘Five Fingers’ producers break silence on Eunjung’s exit and refute CCM’s claims

By: leesa86 The production company of SBS‘ weekend drama ‘Five Fingers‘ has broken their silence on the controversy surrounding Ham Eunjung‘s exit from the series. Production company Yein E&M released a press release on August 28th that read, “This was not an unilateral decision made by the staff members, and the PPL issue was not a reason for her exit. We hope that Eunjung’s agency will stop forcing their assertions, and if they continue, we will have no choice but to respond []

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In gets glamorous and sexy for ‘Woman Chosun’

By: elliefilet Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In transformed into a cold, city woman for the September issue of ‘Woman Chosun‘. The concept revolved around the theme “glamorous and sexy”. Ga In stated in an interview with the magazine, “Because I’m on the short side [in comparison to other stars], it looks awkward on camera if I have a long hairstyle or I wear long pants. That’s why I have my hair short, and I wear short clothing.” She added, “I’ve recently gotten []

Seungri chosen as the next successful idol CEO

By: SUNSKYIVEE Big Bang‘s Seungri has been chosen as the next idol CEO to make it big in the business world. During this week’s ‘Weekly Idol‘, idol members voted on the topic, “The idol CEO who is most likely to become successful as an entrepreneur.” The survey didn’t restrict the voting to just idols who are already CEOs, but also included the option of picking those who seem like they would become good businessmen. The idol that came in at #1 was []

Jon Turteltaub To Helm Family Fantasy Movie Beached

By: Eric Eisenberg We’ve seen on-screen stories about children being raised by wolves, but how about whales? Apparently it’s a dream that director Jon Turteltaub is interested in making a reality. The National Treasure director is now attached to direct Beached, a new fantasy family movie set up over at Fox 2000. The film follows a "chubby four-year-old child" who falls off of a boat into the ocean during a family vacation. He is then rescued and raised by whales and he []

Adjustment Bureau Director To Helm Fatal Attraction-Facebook Mash-Up XOXO

By: Eric Eisenberg The film once called "Fatal Attraction for the digital age" has finally found its director. George Nolfi, who is best known as the director of the 2011 Matt Damon thriller The Adjustment Bureau, is now attached to both direct and oversee a rewrite of XOXO, a film about a dangerous relationship that begins in the world of social media. The original script was written by Mark Heyman , who is best known as one of the scribes of Darren []

Star Trek’s Kurtzman And Orci To Bring Dragonology To The Big Screen

By: Eric Eisenberg Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are well-established in the science fiction genre, but now it would seem that they are turning their attention to fantasy. The writing duo – who have worked on projects ranging from the Star Trek reboot to this summer’s family drama People Like Us – is now attached to produce Dragonology, a film based on the series of books that began in 2003 with Dugald Steer’s Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons. The project is []

Thirteen Years Later (The Danilov Quintet: Book 2)

Such an exciting novel!  This novel was amazing!  I hate Iuda with every fiber of my being.  But that’s why this was such a great book, you think your enemy is one thing, when it facts it’s a whole different person, and yet not.  That’s what I love about Kent’s writing, his characterization.  He is able to create such imaginative and realistic people that make the story and plot so plausible that I found myself forgetting that this was a work of []