Day: 30/08/2012

Hashimoto: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is ‘Incredibly Amazing’

By: Banaz It has been quite some time since we’ve received some news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII (well, other then Yoichi Wada debunking the cancellation rumours). But today some word on the game managed to came through. Producer Shinji Hashimoto appeared at Ginza SWING in Chuo-ku, Tokyo today to debrief some details on the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event. He mentioned Final Fantasy Versus XIII and commented on its progress, saying “The skin has been pulled back a few layers. First []

BioWare Not Handling Mass Effect 3 Wii U

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) Australian developer Straight Right has proudly declared on their Facebook page that they’re working on the Nintendo Wii U port for Mass Effect 3. The studio, which is based in Melbourne, have previously worked with Electronic Arts on Shift 2: Unleashed. They were responsible for the iOS version of the game. "Happy to confirm that we’re developing Mass Effect 3 for Wii U with our friends at BioWare!" said the developer. Mass Effect 3 will be one of []

Get Your Hands On A ‘Golden’ Persona 4 Golden Preorder Bonus

By: Shawn Collier   (@ShawnCollier) Last month Atlus revealed the finalized North American box art for Persona 4 Golden. For those who followed the game’s Japanese release, you already know that a special accessory bundle was released alongside the game. It sold out super fast over there, but if you are fast enough, you might just get a chance to get it in North America! Among the changes in P4G is the addition of new social links, updated and retouched graphics and new []

Bastion hitting iPad tomorrow

By: Eddie Makuch [UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, Supergiant Games confirmed Bastion for iPad. In an update to the company’s website, the developer said Bastion for iPad will launch tomorrow, August 30, priced at $5. For more on the new version of the game, check out the site and announcement video, embedded below. Original story follows below: Supergiant Games’ action role-playing game Bastion is headed to iPad tomorrow, according to a listing on Apple’s New Zealand App Store. The page []

Guild Wars dev explains game bans

By: Laura Parker Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has explained its account suspension policy following questions from players whose accounts were suspended since the game’s launch two days ago. Posting on Reddit, ArenaNet explained that while the number of account blocks is small (less than 0.01 percent of the total player base), it felt obligated to explain its account suspension policy to those players who found themselves banned from the game, reiterating that racist names, hate speech and other unacceptable behavior will []

Square Enix opens ad-supported streaming game service

By: Connor Sheridan A new service from Square Enix offers console-quality games in browsers, and its intermittent commercial breaks hearken back to television roots. The publisher today announced Coreonline, a browser-based gaming service which runs games natively within Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The service’s business model supports purchases as well as intermittent video advertisements. Hitman: Blood Money and Mini Ninjasare the first two titles available for Coreonline, and both are fully playable with video advertisements. Users select from several sponsored videos []

Bethesda ‘disappointed’ over Skyrim DLC absence on PS3

By: Eddie Makuch Developer insists development on newly announced Hearthfire DLC for latest Elder Scrolls game has not caused delay of Dawnguard add-on for PS3. The Dawnguard expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came to the Xbox 360 in June and PC earlier this month, but it has yet to release for the PlayStation 3, despite elapsing its one-month Microsoft exclusivity. Addressing its absence on Twitter recently, Bethesda marketing manager Pete Hines insisted development on the game’s just announced Hearthfire DLC []