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YG Ent. CEO Yang Hyunsuk compares G-Dragon’s music to food



Following JYP Entertainment Park Jinyoung’s rice analogy on “K-POP Star Season 1”, YG Entertainment producer Yang Hyunsuk came up with one of his own, comparing contestants to various dishes. What kind of food then, would he compare G-Dragon – the leader of YG’s signature idol group – to?

Having released his second solo album after a three year interval, G-Dragon is currently in the lead on the main music sites in Korea. All of his songs, from title song “Crayon” to “One of a Kind”, “Missing You”, and “That XX” have consistently taken the top spots.

Yang Hyunsuk spoke over the phone with a reporter from OSEN, answering, “In one word, G-Dragon’s new song “Crayon” is jjamjjamyeon [a Korean dish consisting of both jjamppong and jjajjangmyeon].

“For the past 15 years, I’ve DJ’ed at clubs. Even now I do it once or twice a month. So I’m very familiar with the trends and songs from around the world.

“G-Dragon’s songs belong to a type that is difficult to find anywhere else. In particular, “Crayon” is a very radical and experimental song. Pop music around the world tends to be very electric lately, with a strong trend towards some hip-hop mixed in it. For example, singing a melody on top of electric music, with a rap added in. But G-Dragon’s music doesn’t involve that kind of crossover. Instead, the first verse is hip-hop while the second is electric; he switches back and forth in this manner in an inventive experiment.

“Because of the pace of the music, it’s extremely difficult to make such split between hip-hop and electric in a single song. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before, not even overseas.”

Therefore, the CEO explained, G-Dragon’s songs can be compared to jjamjjamyeon, a creative dish that was born out of the wish to eat both jjamppong and jjajjangmyeon in a single sitting. The dish is presented in a large udon bowl, split down the middle with one half jjamppong and the other jjajjangmyeon, satisfying customers who want to taste two different dishes at once.

Source: OSEN & Big Bang Updates
Translation: @Koreaboo

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