Day: 29/09/2012

G-Dragon participates actively in the filming of ‘Infinity Challenge’

By: YGFAN25 On the 29th, MBC will air the long awaited ‘Infinity Challenge‘ special with G-Dragon. As reported earlier, G-Dragon will play the part of a rookie recruit at the ‘Infinity Company‘. G-Dragon also recently tweeted a prop item from the episode, heightening fans’ anticipation on the episode. ‘Infinity Company‘ has appeared many times before in ‘Infinity Challenge’, and is well-loved by viewers because they can easily relate to the various characters. On this episode, the members will take on two roles []

T.O.P : "We only cast sexy girls in our music videos"

By: SFUZA14 This was rapper T.O.P’s (also known by his real name Choi Seunghyun) reply to Singapore Channel 8 actress Ann Kok when she asked if there was any chance that BIGBANG would feature her in a music video. The petite 39-year-old had stood up to profess her love for the five-member superstar group from Korea during a press conference hosted by Samsung yesterday. The lengthy spiel that dragged into the Q&A session was a mix of English and Korean, which the []

Final Fantasy Type-0 joins Square Enix’s Ultimate Hits budget line

By: Erren Van Duine Japanese fans will soon be able to enjoy Final Fantasy Type-0 and more at a discounted price. Square Enix’s very own e-Store has revealed the next set of titles to join their budget priced Ultimate Hits collection. Due for release on December 6th, Final Fantasy Type-0 will be joined by Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 for the low cost of ¥2,940. Out of these []

Pitch Perfect

Oh my god, what a great movie.  I attend Emerson College which was lucky enough to get advanced screening tickets ( don’t mean to brag) so I thought, my the heck not.  See, I was not going to spent money on this show originally, but after watching it, I thought of what I would have missed out on.  It’s a musical, but in no way is it like Glee.  Like, god no, and I like Glee, don’t get me wrong, but this []

Friday Night TV (28 Sept 2012)

I love this show and I love where it picked up.  Not sure if I like the actress who plays Henrietta.  Her acting, compared to the others was, okay.  Overall I don’t think she has the spunk to play the daughter of Olivia and Peter.  I loved the episode overall though, the concept is cool and everyone else, doing their thing, being awesome, just makes this show awesome. I love the writing and the jump from the past to the present, showing []