Friday Night TV (28 Sept 2012)

Fringe Alt. 2I love this show and I love where it picked up.  Not sure if I like the actress who plays Henrietta.  Her acting, compared to the others was, okay.  Overall I don’t think she has the spunk to play the daughter of Olivia and Peter.  I loved the episode overall though, the concept is cool and everyone else, doing their thing, being awesome, just makes this show awesome. I love the writing and the jump from the past to the present, showing the true intent of the Observers.  I love this show, I love the action, I love the story and the plot, all are well put together, I never get lost, it’s easy to follow and, I mean, I just love this show.  Fridays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

GrimmVery good episode.  I loved the twist that is working its way into the plot line this season.  Also the ending, now that was a twist if I ever saw one.  This ending was something new and once again I am so glad that we get to see the Grimm use his Grimm moves.  So awesome.  Over all I like the concept of this show and the introduction of more and more species is pretty cool.  The writing and acting have not deteriorated, in fact it has improved along with the plot line.  I love this show, not much else to say on that matter.  Fridays @ 9PM EST on NBC.

Blue BloodsGreat way to pick up the season.  I really liked this season premiere.  It was a sad episode.  Granted, the cop who killed an innocent man, he was full of such self-pity.  I mean I get it, he was sad that he killed an innocent man and then goes on feeling more sorry about himself than about the crime.  It was selfish, and the only part of the episode that I hated about this show.  Other than that, I loved this episode, and Tom Selleck, I love him, always love him and always will, he’s amazing and the way he went about cleaning up the mess was honest, not realistic as one wished, but honest and good and I loved it.  Fridays @ 10PM EST on CBS.

Let me know what you think :)

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