Sunday Night TV (30 Sept 2012)

Once Upon a TimeOMG! SO MANY FEELS!!  I realize how inarticulate that sounds but this show, she episode, it had me screaming so many times!  I was so excited, I mean I was just enthralled.  We got to see Mulan, who by the way is amazing, I loved her!  I loved this episode!  Who is Whale?  Regina is awesome, and I want more Neverland and Wonderland in this season please and thank you.  I am so excited for this show.  The writing, the acting, the story are all so amazing.  Nothing bad to report here.  WATCH THIS SHOW!  Sundays @ 8PM EST on ABC.

RevengeWow, what a way to start off the season.  A big giant curve ball there with that woman being alive.  I did not see that coming, I thought she was dead, like no chance of surviving, dead.  It was a very good plot twist.  I think my only complaint here is that the main actress needs to improve her acting.  It’s stale, and her chemistry with the other actors is also a bit stale.  Over all though a pretty cool show, really liked it, but the acting needs to be improved.  Sundays @ 9PM EST on ABC.

The MentalistThis show is funny, I mean I really liked it.  Jane kissed a convict, someone associated with Red John, like omg.  Also I don’t want him and Lisbon to have feelings for one another.  I mean seriously, no, that’s so cliché at this point.  I want them to have the brother/sister relationship, that’s what they’ve had so far and it needs to stay that way.  Please for the love of god, no, it’s so cliché and it would take away from the story.  Now him being in love with the convict, now that is a good twist.  Sundays @ 10PM EST on CBS.



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