Day: 02/10/2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 sells 4 million

By: Eddie Makuch Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is continuing to perform mightily. Developer 4J Studios has revealed through Twitter that the game has now sold 4 million copies since its record-breaking launch in May, driving $80 million in revenue. As of late July, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition had sold 3 million copies. And in August, the game was moving 17,000 copies per day, bringing in $340,000 every 24 hours. It has even surpassed Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox Live activity []

Sony: PS Vita price cut in 2013

By: Eddie Makuch Sony will cut the price of its PlayStation Vita sometime in 2013, the publisher’s UK boss Fergal Gara has told Eurogamer. The executive said the exact timing of the price reduction is “still under discussion.” “We always aim to establish price cuts. So the question is not so much if, but when,” Gara said. Though there will not be a PS Vita price cut in 2012, he said Sony will work with its retail partners to “add value” to []

XCOM shooter overhauled?

By: Eddie Makuch Supposed marketing survey reveals game now being pitched as team-based third-person shooter; may launch as $30 downloadable game. Little has been heard of 2K’s new XCOM shooter for some time, and that may be because the project has undergone a major overhaul. Kotaku today posted images and information supposedly stemming from a marketing survey about the game, which indicate the project is now a team-based third-person shooter that may not release at retail. The game was originally billed as a []

League of Legends Season Two world championship starts this week

By: Jonathan Toyad Riot Games is hosting a big-scale League of Legends tournament this October. The Season Two world championship tournament playoffs will be held from October 4 to October 6, with the finals taking place on October 13. The tournament will be held at the LA Live in Los Angeles, California. The four highest-scoring teams will duke it out in a best-of-three single-elimination match. The two top teams from there will advance to the grand finals which will adopt the best-of-five []

Free Halo 4 armor for those who watch debates on Xbox Live

By: Eddie Makuch Presidential and vice-presidential debates begin this week for next month’s United States election, and gamers seeking to score new outfits for their Avatars may want to tune in. Microsoft has announced a new promotion that rewards gamers who watch debates through Xbox Live with free Halo 4Avatar armor. Interested gamers must join Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rewards program, and watch at least 30 minutes of three of the four presidential and vice-presidential debates. The debate coverage will be available live through []

Star Wars: First Assault coming to XBLA?

By: Eddie Makuch A new Star Wars game is headed to Xbox Live Arcade, according to an eagle-eyed NeoGAF forum user. Cover art for Star Wars: First Assault (below right) bears the iconic Star Wars font and style, and appears to show a battalion of stormtroopers taking on rebel forces. The game has not yet been announced by LucasArts, but it is not entirely a mystery. In August, the company filed a trademark application for Star Wars: First Assault for “interactive video []

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Book 2)

Great book.  I absolutely loved it.  It was a great and fun read, I mean I loved it.  There was so much character growth.  Percy developed a lot, he of course is still a kid, but the narration that goes into his character is so realistic.  If I were in his position I would probably talk to myself in my head a lot to deal with all the complications of life.  It’s simply amazing.  Annabeth has changed a bit, but not by []

Monday Night TV (1 Oct 2012)

So apparently this show is already in danger of being canceled.  This is a good show, I love it.  I love it, I mean it has spunk and it’s gritty and its different!  More importantly it’s different than all the other medical drama’s that are on tv.  That means something to me.  I mean the writing in this show is very good, the way that this show has progressed and it going on, I mean I love it.  It’s different and it’s []