Day: 06/10/2012

Hotel Transylvania

What a great movie!  I know, by now you all are all going to be on about Frakenweenie, but this movie was also pretty darn good.  It had such a sad undertone to back up the ending of the story.  I mean they’re vampires and yet the mom is dead.  It was just so bitter-sweet.  Of course, this movie does have that ever cliché forbidden love aspect going on here.  Was it cheesy?  Well duh, but that’s were the charm was in []

Friday Night TV (5 Oct 2012)

I love this show. I loved the dichotomy between Olivia and her daughter. It was such a twist to see her daughter be so different from her and, you know what, Olivia reminds me of Wonder Woman, yup, I went there an I said that. I mean the way her character has been written, Anna Torv is a great actress and I love her, she has this fragile strength that makes her so likable and realistic and amazing. I also love her []