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Friday Night TV (5 Oct 2012)

I love this show. I loved the dichotomy between Olivia and her daughter. It was such a twist to see her daughter be so different from her and, you know what, Olivia reminds me of Wonder Woman, yup, I went there an I said that. I mean the way her character has been written, Anna Torv is a great actress and I love her, she has this fragile strength that makes her so likable and realistic and amazing. I also love her chemistry with Joshua Jackson, they are a perfect team. John Noble as usual is hilarious and the line “Observers are nothing to someone who’s done acid”. Oh my god, that was hilarious! I love this show, I love the science and development in this show including the plot line and character development. Still not sure about the actress who plays their daughter, honestly I think they can do better, but I do see some potential in her.  Fridays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

Eep! This was such a sad episode.  I mean I never really liked the wolf chick but she died saving him and he was, well, it was touching. I loved it a lot. The way that this show is structured is awesome. Once again there is such a great development in the story, I love how it progresses and movies forward from one point to another. Although every episode focuses on one thing, as a whole they intertwine with one another to create this very good story. There is such a great way that this story is moving and progressing. I love it, the modernization and development of this story. Forgive my redundancies if there are any, I just really love this show.  Fridays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

This really is such a family show. I mean it’s just such a family show that is really all about making hard choices but ultimately doing what is right in the end.   Over all, Tom Selleck is amazing.  I love the writing in this show.  It’s real and it highlights the things, the problems that are wrong in the police force.  I mean, they are a family, and yes they cover for one another, but really, I mean, that is why the public does have a certain distrust for them.  I respect the police force don’t get me wrong, but this show really highlights the problems any family has within them.  It’s a very realistic family show that I have so much respect for.  I mean that is what makes this show so great.  Acting, family dynamic, and the drama, right versus wrong.  This is a great respectable show, I give it 100%.  Fridays @ 10PM EST on CBS.

Let me know what you think :)

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