Day: 08/10/2012

Weeks 39 & 40 2012 Pt. 1

Aquaman #0 Underwater I love Aquaman although there wasn’t a lot that happened in this comic. I mean all that happened was his father died and he ran off to go find Atlantis. I mean there wasn’t a lot that happened in this comic. Were the characters written well? Yup, no doubt there. This comic awesome but this issue was lacking a bit, only because there wasn’t much that happened. Good origin story about Aquaman though. I will always love this comic. []

Sunday Night TV (7 Oct 2012)

Regina has somewhat redeemed herself!  I loved this episode.  This episode gave Regina a lot more background and depth in her story.  I mean she is simply amazing, I love her and the way she is written allows the audience to pity her and feel for her as a character.  She’s slowly redeeming herself.  Also the ending of this episode was awesome!  Did not see that coming but I just thought that was awesome.  Over all, I love this show and Mulan, []