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Monday Night TV (8 Oct 2012)

Bones is awesome. I loved that this show focused a lot on the rights of animals and not just the rights of animals. I mean yeah someone died but still, it was simply awesome how this show was structured to go beyond that. We got to see a side of Bones that is rarely ever seen. Her character, her emotions run wild which are awesome because it’s just awesome. The ending though, Sweet and what’s her name, I did not think that was going to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly think that he can do better than her because well, I’ve always found her character annoying. But that’s just me. Overall I love the progression of this show and the character development as well. Love this show. Mondays @ 8PM EST on FOX.

Wow, she can’t catch a break here. See this is why I love this show. It is so different from every other medical drama that exist. However that guys acting at the end of the show was bad, the guy that killed himself, not the other guy. But I think he is my only complaint here. Other than that I loved everything else in this show. The underlying plot of this show is just jaw droppingly amazing. Seriously, this show is amazing. There aren’t a hundred affairs going on here and there aren’t so many stupid dramatic twists here. I mean here you’ve got amazing characters, amazing plot and just amazing script writing. This show is gritty and dark and awesome. Mondays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

I love family twists and dynamics. The fact that they showed more on Maggie was awesome. It allowed us to actually know more about her which is really cool, especially after what happened and what we learned about her last week. And learning more about the mother and her part within the show is also very interesting. All the plot twists that are within this show are awesome, I mean i just love them. The acting is amazing, Charlie is an awesome character even though she can be a little annoying sometimes. And Maggie is awesome and the fact that she can tell what is wrong with her and help the others despite her injury is amazing. Also the fact that Miles had a significant amount of character growth in this one episode was amazing. I mean his character is amazing. I loved it and I loved that we got to see a fragile side of him. I love this show. Mondays @ 10PM EST on FOX.


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