Day: 12/10/2012

James Franco, Glenn Close And Brit Marling Sign On For The Grace That Keeps This World

By: Eric Eisenberg The indie family drama The Grace That Keeps This World, the new movie from Terri director Azazel Jacobs, has announced the first three performers that will be joining its cast and it’s a pretty damn good lineup. It’s being reported that James Franco, Glenn Close and Brit Marling have all signed on the dotted line for the project, which is based on the book by Tom Baile Deadline says that the story follows a married couple named Gary and []

Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus And Blade Runner Sequels

By: Kristy Puchko With Prometheus, Ridley Scott returned to the frightening film universe he originated with Alien and gave us another out of this world badass broad to admire in Miss Elizabeth “I Will Perform My Own Alien Abortion” Shaw. As the sort-of prequel drew to a close, Elizabeth (Noomi Rapace) packed up the parts of the duplicitous android David (Michael Fassbender), and set out to parts unknown to search for the Engineers with big questions and a mysterious fate ahead of []