Day: 15/10/2012

Kid Cudi And Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr Join Romantic Comedy Two Night Stand

By: Eric Eisenberg From the description of the upcoming comedy Two Night Stand it sounds like it’s going to be a film with a very small cast. The plot follows two young people (Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton) who meet online and then sleep together as part of a one night and immediately regret it in the next morning. Unfortunately, they find themselves trapped together due to a raging blizzard. Honestly, when I first read the plot I thought there was a []

Tom Hanks Reteams With Robert Zemeckis For Major Matt Mason

By: Sean O’Connell Tom Hanks has a long history with Robert Zemeckis. The two have collaborated on wildly different projects, from the live-action Cast Away and Forrest Gump to the motion-capture animation of The Polar Express. As the two talk to the media to help promote their new films Flight (for Zemeckis) and Cloud Atlas for Hanks, we’re learning that they have a new idea that likely will bring them back together sometime very soon. Hanks spoke with The Wrap and mentioned []

Burning Question: Should Hajime Tabata Stick To Portable Titles?

By: Darryl It’s been a while since the last Burning Question, so sorry about that! However, we’re back with a bang and this week’s question is definitely one for handheld console fans. Some of the best PSP games were from Square Enix, with titles such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy, The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep all coming to mind. For Japanese audiences, there was also Final Fantasy Type-0. The one common factor here is Hajime Tabata, who had []

Snow White And The Huntsman Director Rupert Sanders To Helm Sci-Fi Romance The Juliet

By: Eric Eisenberg Director Rupert Sanders made Universal Pictures a lot of money this summer -his film Snow White and the Huntsman bringing in $396 million internationally – and while the critics didn’t love what he had to offer and there was the controversial affair with Kristen Stewart, Hollywood is still totally motivated by money. So, naturally, Sanders has been getting his fair share of job offers. Less than a week ago there was a rumor saying the filmmaker was up to []

Metro: Last Light ditches multiplayer

By: Eddie Makuch Metro: Last Light will not ship with a competitive multiplayer component, as had been originally planned, developer 4A Games explained on its website. A representative from the company revealed that multiplayer for Metro: Last Light never much of a focus for the studio anyway. “We never dedicated too many resources to the MP component beyond prototyping; it never entered full production,” reads a line from the statement. “By making the decision when we did, we think the single player []

Halo 4 pirates facing permanent XBL bans?

By: Eddie Makuch Gamers caught playing a pirated version of 343 Industries’ new shooter Halo 4 potentially face a permanent ban from Xbox Live. That’s according to one Reddit writer, who posted an email from Microsoft informing the user that “illegitimate prerelease title play” has yielded a permanent Xbox Live account suspension. A Microsoft representative was not immediately available for comment. Writing on the official Halo website, 343 Industries warned of Halo 4 leaks, and said it was “working closely” with security []

Wii drops to $130

By: Eddie Makuch Nintendo has cut the price of the Wii in the United States. The Mario maker today announced a new $130 bundle that includes a black Wii console, as well as copies of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort on one disc. The $130 Wii bundle is shipping to stores immediately and will be “broadly available” by October 28. The new Wii bundle replaces the existing $150 black Wii that comes with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. A price drop []

CyberConnect2 Making A New .Hack Game

By: Spencer Pressly   (@torchwood4sp) The .hack games were at the peak level of popularity around the mid 2002’s on the PS2 and now it only seems to slowly live on in Japan through anime. That seems like it will change now and Hiroshi Matsuyama CEO/president of CyberConnect2 was at New York Comic Con 2012 and had this to say about future RPG titles: “There is actually a [.hack] title that has yet to be revealed, in which we will implement new ideas. []

Week 41 2012 (Pt. 1)

Batman & Robin #13 Eclipsed Great issue, well, maybe that’s just me, I have a soft spot for zombies.  Anyway, in this issue you really got to see the growth and relationship between father and son.  I mean that was just the sweetest and most tender moment, him taking his son to see an eclipse in space.  Damien is a lucky kid.  I really like the development here, I mean I just love P. J. Tomasi’s writing in general.  The plots and []

Project Eternity gets first screenshot

By: Eddie Makuch Obsidian Entertainment has released the first screenshot (below) for its Kickstarter-funded isometric PC role-playing game currently titled Project Eternity. The image depicts a lush environment, complete with a basic campsite, a waterfall, and what appears to be an entrance to a dungeon. According to Obsidian, though Project Eternity is being designed like its previous Infinity Engine games, the company now has more advanced rendering packages to leverage. The developer says this will allow the studio to create more realistic []