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‘Family photos’ of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment gather attention


sm_jyp_ygRecently, a fan uploaded three photos of the ’3 Big’ entertainment companies online. The three ‘family’ photos gained a lot of attention because each company seemed to showcase their own styles just through the photos alone.

The SM Entertainment family photo was toned overly in the color pink, with the members dressed in black and white with hints of blue and pink. They had the largest family out of the big three companies, showcasing groups with a large number of members such as Girls’ Generation and Super Junior. Of course, names such as TVXQ, EXO, SHINee, f(x), BoA, TRAX and others. They showed off a playful, bright look that was characteristic of SM Entertainment, with various props such as balloons, gifts, umbrellas and ribbons.

The JYP Entertainment family photo was taken in a formal, black-suit setting. 2AM, 2PM, Wonder Girls, miss A, San E, and J.Y. Park himself was featured in the photo in all-black, formal suits. However, fans noted right away that 2PM member Wooyoung was dressed up as a woman in the top right corner. Fans saw this as representing the usually down-to-earth and hardworking artists of JYP Entertainment but also showing their quirky side.

The YG Entertainment family photo showed the artists in a grayscale toned photo. Artists such as Se7en, Tablo, Big Bang, and 2NE1 were dressed in semi-formal clothing, dressing down with their own fashion-forward highlights of fur, leather jackets, gloves, and certain accessories. YG fans loved the photo, citing the YG artists’ characteristic iconic styles that reflected in the photo.

Source: allkpop & Big Bang Updates


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