Sunday Night TV (21 Oct 2012)

Once Upon a TimeI love the stories that revolve around Belle and Rumplestiltskin.  I mean the chemistry between the pair of them is amazing and the twist of the story of beauty and the beast to join two stories is awesome!  Which marks another point that I would like to make.  The integration of stories in this show are all amazing.  I mean all of them are just so cool.  Mulan and Aurora, and then the integration of Hook into the story line was amazing.  I mean it was just amazing.  I loved everything about it honestly.  The acting is pretty awesome and the fact that they are moving away from just Snow White and Prince Charming story lines is very pleasing to me.  Over all, it was awesome, love Captain Hook, he is simply amazing.  So excited for this season!!  More Wonderland please!  Sundays @ 8PM EST on ABC.


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