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Monday Night TV (22 Oct 2012)

Wow, just wow.  Max’s friend is a complete ass.  I hate him.  Also, Annie, yeah she really needs to relax and take a freaking chill pill.  Seriously, I no longer like her character! Naomi, Silver, Max and Liam are the only characters I like on this show.  Everyone else, I swear, have got to go.  I mean, they are god awful human beings and they suck.  They are whinny and dramatic and just, so annoying, nothing about them feels or seems real at all.  They suck, I mean, why do I even watch this show anymore?  I find myself asking that every freaking Monday.  Honestly, a guilty pleasure that needs to die already.  Honestly, it sucks.  Writing, plot development and storylines are so lame and so outlandish, it’s unbearable at this point.  Seriously, this is what they project to the youth?  Just, no more for the love god, no more.  Mondays @ 8PM EST on CW.

More on crappy shows for the youth, at least this is the last season for this ungodly show.  Dan has been ruined, glad Ivy and Rufus are together, they are the only two decent people left on this show.  Only 2 people left that are half decent.  I mean, the writers gave everyone some good characteristics, but overall, this show sucks.  And I genuinly mean that, it sucks.  And here, I used to love it.  Yet something keeps me hooked, can’t put my finger on it though.  Honestly, though, awful show now, just went down hill so soon.  Sad pandaMondays @ 9PM EST on CW.


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