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B.A.P Successfully Hold Their First Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony

By: choiwj


B.A.P successfully concluded their first fanclub inauguration ceremony, ‘1st BABY DAY‘.

The ceremony, which took on the form of a fan meeting and a mini-concert, took place on October 27th at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium in Seoul. With approximately 4,000 fans in attendance, the boys performed a total of 15 songs, including both individual and group performances.

When it was time for the group to perform “Happy Birthday” off of their latest album, the boys announced, “There is somebody who’s celebrating their birthday on this meaningful day,” and called up two lucky fans to the stage.

The members then added, “This is for everybody, so please don’t be too jealous and I hope everyone will join us in congratulating them.” With the two fans seated in a chair, Bang Yong Guk began rapping while bending down to his knees and member Daehyun even gave the two an unexpected back hug, causing onlookers to scream with jealousy.

Lastly, member Youngjae presented each of the two fans a signed CD as well as a talking teddy bear that contained the members’ voices.

B.A.P held various other events and solo stages performing to songs like Psy‘s “Gangnam Style“,Naul‘s “Memory of the Wind“, and 10cm‘s “Hug Me“.

Source: allkpop


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