Sunday Night TV (28 Oct 2012)

Sundays @ 8PM EST on ABCOMG!!! That episode made me want to cry.  Her love came back, and she had to kill him this time!! Like oh my god.  Finally seeing Regina’s transformation to the Evil Queen as so heartbreakingly sad.  I almost cried.  This development of her character and the transformation was just so amazingly detailed and intense, to see all the roles that took part in her transformation was just great.  I loved it so much.   I mean I just loved it so much.  The acting and the intermingling of Frankenstein was so amazing!  I suspected as much last week and to see the finalized episode was just so great.  I loved that arc of the story and of the plot line.  Mad hatter is awesome, Frankenstein is awesome, Regina is awesome.  All I can say is this show is awesome.  Now the beginning of the other plot line of Hook and the Beanstalk is great.  Also, the fact that we will actually get some back story on Emma is something I’m looking forward to.  Seriously, I love this show so much, just everything about is is amazing and brilliant and so full of depth in intricacies that don’t warp the original stories.  Honestly, this is a great show.  Sundays @ 8PM EST on ABC.



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