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Week 43 2012 Pt. 1

IVAMP_13I, Vampire #13


Okay yeah that was awesome.  I’m not going to lie it’s nice to see Mary and Andrew switch places.  We get to see a hole new dynamic here of their characters and it’s actually kind of awesome.  I like Mary more here because we get to see how much she really loves Andrew just like we saw how much he loved her, but the writer here did not make the mistake of making them the same.  Mary is more sure of herself, a little more badass and conceited.  She has a plan and she’s not going to waste her time missing her beloved and thinking of her mistakes, no she is girl who is ready to get shit done.  That character development and plot development here is awesome. Also Tig, she deserves this, still kind of pissed that she cut off Andrew head that one time, but again, that was a great plot twist.



JLDARK_13Justice League Dark #13

War for the Books of Magic Part 2: Revelations

Wow, just wow.  I mean after reading the whole backstory between these guys from #0 I have to say that this really was an interesting turn of events that I should have seen coming yet didn’t, shame on me.  Anyway, this was a very good issue where we got to see a softer side to John Constantine and also a stronger connection between him and Zatanna, obvioulsy there is something between them that is never going to go away and the writing that circles around them is amazing.  I mean it’s just awesome.  Lemire is an awesome writer for this comic.  Still don’t like Black Orchid because she feels incredibly out of place here, more like a science experiment than anything, but that’s just me.  Another thing that was awesome was the fact that we got to see a tougher side to Madame Xanadu, I mean that was amazing!  Simply amazing!  Over all, I loved it….but Black Orchid has to go.



SUPERMAN_13Superman #13

They Will Join You In The Sun

Okay, I don’t know how I feel here about this comic.  Everyone literally walks all over Clark Kent and, I mean, even Jimmy for heavens sake.  No, just no, I’m not really feeling it, I mean yes Clark has always been a bit of a push over but people at the very least respected him.  Glad that at least Cat Grant respected him here as well as Lucy Lane.  I like Lucy, I want to see more of her if only to get under Lois’s skin.  That’s another thing, another problem I have with this comic.  Lois is a huge b—-, I mean seriously, I kind of hate her.  At this point she does not deserve Clark, at all.  Honestly, there are so many changes that need to be made with this comic in order for it to work in the slightest.  Writer needs to change or if not, Lobdell needs to work on his character development and characterization, those are the two biggest things in this comic that desperately need to change.  Once those are settled, everything else will come together.



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