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Week 43 2012 Pt. 2

TT_Cv13Teen Titans #13

The Origin of Wonder Girl

Not loving the whole artwork for this issue, specifically surrounding Wonder Girl.  It made her look to cutesy, and not tough, I mean the artist gave her soft big eyes that are a total contradiction to her character, I really wasn’t feeling it.  The dialogue on the other hand and the general writing of the comic was actually very good, I really loved it.  I was also incredibly interested in her back story and the origin they decided to give her, I mean it was awesome, in my opinion, it was new and different and settled in this concept that she has always been a badass.  The writing was awesome.  There were some parts that felt out of character for Cassie, I just don’t think this new Cassie would really believe in “Love at first sight”, I don’t know, I’m used to her being this fragile tough girl who will break your bones that it’s all just kind of weird in my opinion.  I mean over all though, loved it.



FLS_Cv13_R1The Flash #13

Gorilla Warfare: Part 1: King Grodd

I love Flash, and yes the story is generally slow but this issue was very fast paced and incredibly awesome.  The fact that he has teamed up with these new Rogues is amazing.  I’m still on the edge of them having powers but I over all like it, it’s really good, over all.  The writer is doing a very good job with how he writes this new plot line for the story.  Over all, liking the plot and story of this comic, character development and characterization are spot on.  Patty and Barry need to get back together, everyone needs to figure out that he is alive.  In fact there needs to be more Patty in the comics if you ask me, they built up her character so much on the Flashpoint story line that it was



SG_13Supergirl #13


Incredibly interesting but overall boring.  I like the idea that she gets her own Fortress of Solitude, I think it’s pretty cool but Supergirl’s general character development has plateaued and it should not have.  She acts to much like a whiny girl, which is understandable but I mean, she has a cousin, and then she just pushes him away all the damn time.  Granted her actions here are way better than before the reboot where she was just like “oh, this is the color pink? okay I’ll believe you even though I don’t know you.”  I mean before she wa just way to understanding and accepting of everything, but not, they pushed her to the extreme of not believe or wanted to believe anything.  A middle ground needs to be found and her character needs to develop more in order for that to happen.  Honestly, it’s just starting to get stagnant and boring.




Let me know what you think :)

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