Month: October 2012

Goo Hye Sun Had a Dispute with Jo Seung Woo While Filming “Peach Tree”

By: yw740030 Film “Peach Tree’s” director Goo Hye Sun confessed that she had small differences of opinion with Jo Seung Woo while filming her movie. Goo Hye Sun appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Come to Play” that was aired on October 29. She explained, “‘Peach Tree’ tells a story about a conjoined twin. The main casts are Jo Seung Woo, Ryu Duk Hwan, and Nam Sang Mi.” During the show, MC Kim Won Hee asked, “There is a rumor that you []

Jane Eyre

I love this novel. There is a reason that it is a classic. The fact that this book is categorized as an autobiography is amazing. That fact alone gives the story more depth. The story itself is one of growth and as we read this novel of her thoughts and life, we grow along with the main character, Jane. Jane is both an unreliable and a reliable first person narrator, however I prefer to look at her as though she is a []

Silent Hill: Downpour Patch Arrives

By: Spencer Pressly   (@torchwood4sp) When Silent Hill HD Collection and Downpour released back in March with many bugs and glitches people really understood why it was called the “Month of Madness” by Konami. Over the months Konami has been slowly releasing patches trying to fix what seems like two rushed projects. Now Konami has released a patch on the Xbox 360 version of Downpour with the PS3 patch coming in the weeks to come. This patch features these major changes to Downpour: -Improved []

Frank Grillo Confirmed To Play Crossbones In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By: Eric Eisenberg It was one week ago that character actor Frank Grillo flew out to Los Angeles to test for the villain role in the highly anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now it’s being reported that his little trip wasn’t for naught. Mirroring the way that Grillo announced his own involvement with Marvel Studios last Monday, Variety writer Marc Graser has confirmed on his Twitter account that the End of Watch actor has been selected to play the []

15,000 Malaysian VIPs brave the rain for Big Bang

By: ygfan25 K-pop heavyweights Big Bang finally reached Malaysian shores for their first-ever concert here held Saturday at Stadium Merdeka, with over 15,000 fans – or VIPs, as they are known – refusing to let the rain dampen their spirits. The weather eventually swayed to side Malaysian Big Bang VIPs though, with the rain stopping right before the curtains fell to reveal 5 futuristic tubes containing each member. The crowd went mad with squeals and screams as they began singing “Still Alive”. []

Monday Night TV (29 Oct 2012)

Well, that certainly was an interesting episode of Castle.  In the beginning I thought that it was maybe his daughter and I was thinking “woah, what a great twist!”  I mean it would have been a great twist if his daughter turned into a psychopath serial killer.  That would be awesome!  Anyway, I liked how it was tied to a way earlier plot line as well as a the writing and dialogue for this movie.  So over all this was a very []

Monday Night TV (29 Oct 2012)

Wow, so I was expecting a way worse scenario than what was handed to me.  But over all, oh my god, this was such a great episode.  Hopefully you’ve all seen the Wizard of Oz, the original movie.  Okay well remember the scene where she melts the Queen and all her minions were like “yay!” and thanking Dorothy, well, yeah, that was this episode because the head guy, he was absolutely insane, I mean the guy was crazy, that was a thing.  []

First 21 And Over Image Does Not Explain Why This Comedy Was Filmed In China

By: Katey Rich UPDATE: We’ve gotten some information that clarifies things a whole lot. 21 and Over did indeed shoot in China, but only for three days for a single scene. The bulk of the film was shot on location in Washington state, where the three main characters attend a fictional college. Now this is all starting to make sense! Read the original article below. 21 and Over has the odd distinction of being at the center of an international political conflict…. []

Haha and Byul’s Funny Wedding Photos Released

By: yw740030 Haha’s hilarious wedding photos were released. On his Twitter on October 27, photographer Oh Joong Suk posted Haha and Byul’swedding pictures along with a message, “Today was the best day ever! The photoshoot was filled with happiness, fun, and laughter.” Oh Joong Suk commented, “I had a wedding photoshoot with Hybrid Sammy Sosa Rio Raybe. I also had a photoshoot with Ha Dong Hoon at the same time.” In one picture, Haha transforms into the character created in the variety []

Operation Suzaku aims to bring Final Fantasy Type-0 westward

By: Erren Van Duine One year ago, Final Fantasy Type-0 saw its release in Japan; one year later, it still sees very little chance of leaving it. And Square Enix has done very little to ease the minds of fans who continue to wait for the title. To date, the company has failed to communicate about any potential western localization – something that hasn’t been helped by the PSP’s demise outside of Japan either. The fact is, even during development, Square Enix []