Park Go Eun reveals the hard work her young sister Park Bom put in to become a singer!

(Starts around 1:07)

Park Bom‘s older sister Park Go Eun revealed the hard work put in by Park Bom on tvN‘s “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside“.

On the show, Park Go Eun stated, “When my sister said she was debuting as a member of 2NE1, I didn’t think much about it, but I know how much she cried. She put in so much work and became a singer after failing 5 auditions. When she stood on stage, she looked great. When I see her on stage, I realize how good she is more so than when she sings at home. I guess the reason for that is because she’s my sister.

Park Go Eun received attention in the past for being an excellent cellist, and she featured in Kim Nam Gil‘s new movie ‘Ensemble‘.

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Translated by: AKP


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