Wednesday Night TV (31 Oct 2012)

I love Dallas (played by Cheryl Hines), I mean she is not this typical selfish person, I mean, as a character, she can appear very two-dimensional, but she actually really isn’t and I must applaud the writers of this show because of how they write her character and Cheryl Hines really is a good actress I think. The date was also very hilarious, I have to admit. I mean she bought her life coach and that just shows how insecure she is. But I think she may and ruined the date. Now Ryan (played by Parker Young) is also adorable and I really like him. Definitely not the sharpest tool in the box, but he is nice, for the most part, and adorable and I think he and Tessa (played by Jane Levy) should date, for a little while anyway. This is such a great show and I love it, and Dallas and George need to go out on another date. This show is simply great, I love the acting and the writing and the story lines that go into this show. Wednesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC.

Oh poor Alex (played by Ariel Winter), she is totally dating a gay guy…or a super metro-sexual guy. Oh well, that is life I guess. Over all, I love this show a lot, and I think it’s super great and amazing. Anyway, this was hilarious and I loved this episode. I love the family, they are all crazy and funny and I love it so much. The family dynamic here is always amazing, and always fun and I love the mockumentary depiction that goes on here. It works well with this show and it is structured very well. It’s a great show and I absolutely love it. Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC.

Let me know what you think :)

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