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Thursday Night TV (1 Nov 2012)

I love person of interest, so glad that I was able to watch it last night. Anyway, this is a great show but it had me wondering if the journalist knew or not, or at the very least suspected that he, John (played by Jim Caviezel), is the Man in the Suite, as the cops call him. Considering that, it was a great episode. I have to say though, the Journalist deserved to die in the end because, lets face it, she caused an innocent man to die because she didn’t check her sources or make sure that everything was 100% true. I mean, come on, that was the only thing in this episode that I did not find plausible. I think that was my only real issue with this episode. Everything else was great and awesome an it was fun to! This show has a lot of humor for a crime/drama, which makes the light moments even more effective for this show. Thursdays @ 9PM EST on CBS.

This is a great show. I love Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui, I mean the air of them are amazing. Their stories are great and awesome and I love them. The dynamic her and vulnerability that was shown in the character of Sherlock was awesome. And Jonny Lee Miller did a great job to portray his character is amazing, I mean his tone and facial expressions are amazing. I simply love this show and the acting within it. The whole angel of death concept was I think a little out of place with this show, or rather with the whole Sherlock concept. The twist was good though in the end,and it made it work a little, but overall. But another thing that I liked about this episode was the fact that we get to see more development in the Watson character which is amazing. It highlights both aspects in both of their growths. Love this show.Thursdays @ 10PM EST on CBS.


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