Day: 03/11/2012


This is a very good movie. What blew me away most was the fact that this actually happened. As I was watching this movie I was thinking that maybe some things were exaggerated but they were not. I mean the fact that Ben Affleck was able to create this adrenalin type movie and keep it so true to history and the facts was amazing! I mean he is amazing, director and actor.   And Chris Terrio is an amazing screenplay writer.  The pair []

Friday Night TV (2 Nov 2012)

Wow, so Peter really lost it. I mean I can’t blame him, he is a genius and he did just lose his daughter, but the extremes that he went to in order to try to save humanity was intense. I mean I was practically biting my nails as I watched this episode, I mean it was just so intense, I could not help but keep my eyes intact on it. This show, in my opinion just keeps getting better and better, and []