Day: 08/11/2012

Could Star Wars Episode VII Be Directed By An Indie Newcomer?

By: Kristy Puchko Buckle up, gang, because with Disney buying Lucasfilm and assuring three new Star Wars movies, we will be facing an onslaught of rumors of who might dare take the helm for years to come. Movie fans have already thrown out their picks, which include such major names as Christopher Nolan, David Fincher and Joss Whedon, but now a curious rumor suggests that it may be an indie director who caught George Lucas‘s eye before the Disney deal was done. []

President Obama Thinks He Can Pull Off “Gangnam Style” Moves

By: thunderstix First of all, congratulations to President Barack Obama for his re-election! For his second term, we’re sure President Obama will be facing tons of questions on more pressing issues, but for us K-Pop fans, there’s nothing more important than this – When is the U.S. President going to show his “Gangnam Style” moves? It seems like the President actually has been thinking about it lately as he briefly answered the question during a recent radio interview. On November 6, during []

Tetsuya Nomura sketches Lightning for Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary

By: Erren Van Duine Tetsuya Nomura has sketched Lightning not once, but twice this year. The first one, on display for Dengeki’s 20th anniversary, depicts Lightning in her XIII attire. The second one was on display yesterday at the Distant Worlds THE CELEBRATION event in London, which included Isamu Kamikokuryou’s Lightning Returns painting. It looks somewhat different than anything she’s appeared in before, so is this perhaps a hint toward her look in the new game? Source: Nova Crystallis  

Talkback: Who’s Down For A ‘Casablanca 2’?

BLOGGERS NOTE: I-I don’t know how I feel about this…. By: Jen Yamato | Steel yourself, cinephiles: A sequel to the 1942 classic Casablanca, one of the greatest films of all time, could happen in the near future. But while practically 99 percent of all Hollywood sequels and spin-offs seem like cash-grabs that have no good reason for existing, is there a case to be made for revisiting the saga of star-crossed lovers Rick and Ilsa in Casablanca 2? Consider the []

Super Junior’s Leeteuk Apologizes to Figure Skater Kim Yuna Again for Past Scandal

By: halves in unison SBS’s variety talk show “Strong Heart” aired the “Goodbye Leeteuk” special on November 6. The show went on a little trip down memory lane and brought up his scandal with Kim Yuna, which was a very hot topic back in 2007. Leeteuk took the opportunity to talk about what really happened- an opportunity he didn’t have before. “To be honest, what I said to figure skater Kim Yuna out of manners was turned into something totally different.” He []

Brief update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Lightning Returns from Paris Games Week

By: Erren Van Duine While nothing substantial, a small update on both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Lightning Returns has come out of Paris Games Week and its Final Fantasy celebration. FF Dream, who spoke with Square Enix World Technology Director Julien Merceron, was able to catch a few details on some of the company’s upcoming projects. Regarding Lightning Returns, development is coming along swiftly, and they’re currently showing the game to focus groups in order to narrow down what elements they []