Friday Night TV (9 Nov 2012)

I love this show so much. I mean this really is such a great show. I love how Olivia (played by Anna Torv) and Peter (played by Joshua Jackson) have changed and grown since the first episode and this episode really highlighted it. The death of their daughter has really affected the pair of them, but not only them, Walter (played by John Noble) as well. It was a pleasant change to see how he was affected with this. I mean this was really a great episode because of that. His character went under a remarkable change. But what he said, that he was changing, and to Peter, was such a great line because it highlighted what change was taking over Peter, and that change was, by the way, absolutely amazing. Now he’s on equal ground with them and it’s just awesome. Friday’s @ 9PM EST on FOX.

This was a very interesting episode but there is a problem with the continuity of this show. A few episodes back she said she remembered him and everything and said, “Nick, I remember and I believe you, it explains everything.” Now, it’s never fully explained if she’s just saying that or if she meant it. Quite confusing and it’s something that needs to be clarified because in the current plot line it plays a strong part in it. Other than that, this was a great episode and something different about it versus the rests. I love this show a lot. Friday’s @ 9PM EST on NBC.

Great episode that held strongly to the family dynamic. It was a great episode over all. I mean the structure and design of this episode. It was a good episode that I very much I love this show. It really is a good show but there should to be more of Jennifer Esposito. She has great chemistry with the cast and connects to them like a sister. Over all though, while this show was a bit boring, it was structured very well and has very good writing and acting so I’m hooked nevertheless. Friday’s @ 10PM EST on CBS.


Let me know what you think :)

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