Day: 11/11/2012

Wednesday Night TV (7 Nov 2012)

Hilarious, Phil really tore his daughter a new one which was awesome. Yay! I love this show and the reference to Perry Mason was awesome! I loved it. I mean it really was such a great show and episode. Modern Family, is awesome. Haley actually had some development here which was good but it was interesting to see how they got her back home to continue the family dynamic and not have her totally at college and out of the show. They []

Monday Night TV (5 Nov 2012)

LMAO, Nathan Fillian said “that Josh Whedon show” which, fans should know is Firefly. What a way to start of this episode.   Oh my gosh, I mean, yeah, I’m one of those fans, like one of those fans who goes to those conventions and oh my god this was by far the best episode of the season!  it was totally geeky and cheesy and I highlighted all the intensity that goes with these fandoms, and it did it justly.  I loved []