Day: 13/11/2012

Warm Bodies Gets A Sweet, Funny New Poster

By: Eric Eisenberg When the first trailer arrived last week a lot of people quickly changed their minds about the upcoming zom-rom-com Warm Bodies. While the first few official stills seemed to paint it as “Twilight with zombies” (it doesn’t help that it’s being released by the same studio), the footage we saw on Thursday replaced ideas of moody, sparkly members of the undead with laughs, cleverness, and a sense of fun (and how can you not love the soundtrack mix of []

What OUYA Can Do For You

By: Jared Scott Perhaps you have heard some of the hub-bub surrounding this new console releasing in March 2013. It’s not from either Sony or Microsoft but from some passionate minds from Los Angeles, CA who’ve amassed funds via Kickstarter. This new platform is the OUYA, and it just may change the face of gaming. How, you may ask, can such an obscure machine make a difference in an industry with well-established names such as Nintendo and Valve? To put it simply, []

Big Bang’s T.O.P to Resume Filming for “Alumni” Next Week

By: vip4daesung Last September, it was reported that Big Bang T.O.P’s new movie, “Alumni,” had indefinitely suspended all filming due to the main director’s sudden departure from the production crew. It looks like filming has fully resumed lately, after the movie found a replacement director. On November 8, local media OhMyStar reported that the filming has been going well after Park Heung Soo took over the lead director role. Park Heung Soo was the assistant director for blockbuster movies such as “The []


I have to say, I had a hard time getting into this book, but that’s only because the book was, is, so repetitive and there was simply too much detail and description put into this novel.  Despite that though, I reached a point in this novel when I was inexplicably enthralled by this novel.  The characterization was amazing, simply amazing.  Oh, and the detail, although sometimes needless, the times she described Lydgate “In warming himself at French social theories, he had brought []

MacGyver Movie Could Finally Happen With James Wan Directing

By: Katey Rich Rumors are heating up that James Wan‘s upcoming film The Conjuring could be a lot bigger than your average horror film– after all, it was bumped to a prime July release date next year after initially being scheduled for next January. So Wan, who directed the first Saw film and had the surprise hit Insidious last year, may be poised for his biggest hit yet– and he’s using that positive buzz to line up another big new project for []

Witness the End of an Era in Final Fantasy XIV’s last moments

By: Erren Van Duine It is the end of Final Fantasy XIV as we all know it. Earlier this morning the end that began not so long ago had finally reached its breaking point with the coming of Dalamud. The final battle for Eorzea took place in Mor Dhona, with the worlds shutting down soon after around 3AM EDT this morning. As the game ended, Square Enix opened up with a brand new cinematic depicting Final Fantasy XIV’s final moments – or []

Seungri stands up for “Kimchi”

By: vip4daesung Big Bang‘s Seungri made a stand for kimchi on a Japanese television program recently. Seungri appeared on the November 2nd broadcast of Nagoya TV‘s ‘Jakiroba‘, which featured guests from Nigeria, France, Afghanistan, and Columbia who introduced food from their countries. The Big Bang member decided to introduce what is likely the most traditional Korean dish: kimchi. He stated, “Kimchi is really delicious. Red food invigorates appetite.” However, one of the international guests did not seem impressed. The guest commented, “Kimchi []