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Week 46 2012 Pt. 1

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #4

Cauldron of Blood

Very good issue.  I have so say that Evil Lyn is by far one of my favorite characters in the He-Man universe.  She has Man at Arms as her ever-devoted servant and it looks like Teela is really beginning to remember some stuff.  The concept of this comic is very good and I really enjoy it.  The fact that in this realm evil rules is pretty cool, I mean after watching the original He-Man cartoons I always wondered how the world would be if Skelator ruled Eternia.  Now I know.  So intense.



Superboy #14

The Face of H’el!

Okay, so not sure who the heck this guy is or what exactly he is doing here but I have to say, it was a decent enough comic.  I still believe that the art team needs to be replaced but that’s just me, I simply don’t find it aesthetically pleasing.  It all seems very blocky, ill-shaped and just not nice.   Other than that though, it’s okay.  The H’el (super clever by the way *sarcasm*) story line is interesting, but not sure I like it.  The character H’el himself doesn’t have very good characterization, he has no charm, no substance, nothing to inspire anything more than annoyance in my opinion.  I can’t even swarm up a bit of empathy or hatred for him.  I really just think that he is annoying.  But I’ll stick with it…for now.

Writer: T. Defalco

Artists: R. Silva & R. Lean

Batgirl #14

Courtship of Razors

Oh how I love Mr.  J.  He is simply so clever, so amazing, so wonderful.  Greatest story art there is!  I absolutely love it.  I like how here we really get to see the darker side of Batgirl.  She wants to break the bat code and kill Joker!  She is so close to the edge and it’s amazing.  Do I think she will go over the edge?  No, I think she will come close, but something (Batman, Commissioner Gordon or Nightwing) will pull her back.  Something in her memory will make her remember why she is the Batgirl and not some mindless vigilante.   The characterization and story are very well thought out and put together.  The question remains though, how close to the edge will she get? Oh, and Harley is not going to be happy when she hears that Joker asked Batgirl to marry him. *tsk tsk*




Let me know what you think :)

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