Monday Night TV (19 Oct 2012)

I love this show a lot .  It was very interesting the direction this one went to.  It was pretty hilarious and I like the fact that Soroyan (played by Tamara Taylor) and the guy, spacing on name, are dating.  They have great chemistry and are genius.  Another thing that I loved about this episode was how out of place Temperance (played by Emily Deschanel) was in herself.  The characters are always evolving, especially hers which has always been a bit dull considering her characterization.  That being said though, her characterization, her intensity in her work has always made her so wonderful to watch.  I honestly really do love this show.  Development wise is moving along well, but plot wise, I am curious to see how many more seasons FOX can string out of it.  I wonder, how about you? Mondays @ 8PM EST on FOX.

Well that was certainly intense.  Finally, we get to see Grace (played by Jordana Spiro) really step into her darker side, albeit for a good reason, but still, doesn’t change the fact that it was a non ethical thing to do.  The show is really pushing her limits which is really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The twists and turns in the story are great.  I mean, I did not see the ending of this one coming.  Over all, i love the concept, I know I’ve said it before, but forgive me, I have to say it again, the concept is so original, which is why I love it.  This show is unique and amazing.    It’s different and the acting is also great.  Everyone has great chemistry with one another.  Honestly, one of my favorite shoes of the fall.  Mondays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

Always such a great show.  I’ve noticed a pattern about shows.  There is always a psyche/hallucination type episode within any given series, and they tend to be the best ones because we get to see the inside of the character, their fears, what defines them as characters.  This one was especially good because here we not only saw them get weakened and pushed, but we saw Rachel (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) get pushed to the edge.  And that was just intense.  It was great how that worked out and I loved every minute of it.  Every Monday night I am at the edge of my seat.  J. J. Abrams is amazing and the cast is awesome.  I love the dynamic Charlie (played by Tracy Spiridakos) has with her uncle Miles (played by Billy Burke), they balance each other out and have truly familiar family binding between them which I really like.  Love! Mondays @ 10PM EST on NBC.


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