G-Dragon’s Father Talks about GD, Their new Pension and More


“This place is really cool, isn’t it? I think here is heaven. My son helped me in the form of money.

We spent around a billion won to make this place … Room ‘Crayon’ is for Jiyong. He did everything about this room. Like interior and props. … We made this place not for the money. It is the place where Jiyong and I can take a rest very well.
Jiyong have been to here three times. He came with YoungBae and ate grilled meat. There’s place that ppl can ride a duck-boat in front of our pension, he had a really good time there.

They rode a boat and kept smiling. They’re like… real children. I won’t take a reservation for room Crayon for Jiyong. This room is empty for YG family. 2NE1 will come and visit here soon. Maybe YG will visit as well.

“Pension’s name used to be ‘The nemo’ because the pension looks square so Jiyong gave a name ‘The Nemo’. (Nemo means square in Korean) But we tried to find better name and then we thought about his tattoo.
It means ‘Sweet life’ and it’s good. About the rooms’ name, it’s Jiyong and my wife’s idea. They wanted most advanced name.”

“I can boast a lot about my son. He has been so kind since he was young. He never disobeys us.He said he wanted to do music, so I said “Don’t forget to study. You have to get good grades more than 80%.” And he got.

Of course he is also a good boy. He’s doing very well to his father and mother. He said he earned lots of money, so he hoped we(parents) would live in comfort and thanked us for raising him. I and my wife have a good relationship, I think that is the reason why my son and daughter are kind.”

“I am so proud to be Jiyong’s father and boast about him to people. I’m so happy to be his father.”

About Big Bang’s incidents in 2011, GD’s father said “I was so distressed at that time, but I think I should be grateful because it’s better than something more serious. But they’re young boys so I felt sad as well. About Dae and GD, it couldn’t be entirely their fault.”

Source: Sports Seoul & Big Bang Updates
Translation: @LueKim

Note: This is direct quote translation by @LueKim, so it’s not exactly like a news article.


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