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Monday Night TV (26 Nov 2012)

The Mob Doctor

Now this was a very good episode.   The plot twist of Frano (James Carpinello) being an undercover fed was interesting.  I was wondering what they were going to do with him.  However, that being said, that throws the question up in the air of if he really likes Grace (Jordana Spiro) or not.  I think he does, considering how much he has risked for her, but it could go either way, leading up to yet another possible plot twist.  The escort service part of the story line was a bit cliché, but it worked in line with the story.  But, the best part of this episode was Grace asked the mob for help.  She may be using them back in good ways, but she’s still starting to cross the line between what is right and what isn’t.  It’s amazing and such a thrill to watch.  I love it.  Mondays @ 9PM EST on FOX.


The family dynamic in this show is amazing.  First and foremost that is what I love about this show.  They didn’t just throw in a family for the story; they literally built it up from the ground up which helped the show is various ways.  One, it allows the characters to build from one another.  Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) is no longer the girl who was, however caring, bratty and spoiled.  Now she has evolved, thanks to seeing how the world is outside of her home, into a brave and selfless person.  Another person who has grown is Aaron (Zak Orth).  His character has been given so much depth and I love it.  Honestly, a very great show that I can’t get enough of. I love this show so much.  Another thing the infrastructure of the family has done is building the story.  From the beginning, we know very little, but the more this group tightens, the more it becomes more evolved, stronger prompting little surprises from the characters.  I also love the relationship between Miles (Billy Burke) and Charlie; I think it’s absolutely amazing.  They both have grown so much in the half season and it’s amazing!  I mean, oh my god, I love it!  Billy Burke is amazing I absolutely love him.  Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) finally killing that sociopath Strausser.  BEST PART OF THE EPISODE – I mean, other than the big blowout between Miles and Monroe (David Lyons).  Such a great show!  Mondays @ 10PM EST on NBC.



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