Month: December 2012

Week 52 2012

Justice League #15 Throne of Atlantis Part 1 Wow.  I mean, just wow, this really was a good issue.  I was expecting something different when I first read the title, but the way it progressed and how the story was presented and told was just kind of awesome.  But, I digress, G. Johns is awesome.  I just loved how the characters were written.  I mean, Clark took Wonder Woman out on a date, it was awesome.  He put glasses on her!  It []

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Pt. 1)

There and back again…oh my lord this was a great movie. Peter Jackson has once again done it again. He has taken a great work of fiction and turned it into a visual masterpiece. The cinematography was, needless to say, brilliant and mesmerizing. I mean this really was a great adaptation, I felt like I was reading the book. There was, however, addition of scenes that were not in the book, like the scene with Cate Blanchet, which was not in the []

Levine: BioShock Infinite would only work as FPS

By: Eddie Makuch BioShock Infinite  would only work as a first-person shooter, Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine said  in a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session. The designer was asked if the first-person perspective is well suited for the BioShock universe and he explained that this perspective allows for a more intimate level of detail. “I love first person because it gets you so close to the detail of the world,” Levine said. “[BioShock Infinite] wouldn’t work in any other perspective.” Levine was []

Week 51 2012 Pt. 2

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15 It Only Hurts When You Laugh Roy is an enigma, seriously, what is his deal? He’s a genius, used to be a druggie, ace marksman and wears a trucker hat. This dude is awesome, I mean I hate the trucker hat but it certainly does add to his mystique. Anyway, I loved the fact that Starfire has built a lot of character in recent issues for which I am extremely happy. She and Roy have something []

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Oh my lord, now this was one intense novel, I have started to eat less meat because of this book.   It is not like one big giant article where the author gives you statistics and facts sucking out all enjoyment from from the piece.  Michael Pollan does not just give you facts and statistics.  He integrates you into the world that is the industry of food.  I learned so much from this novel about the industry and how the industry has affected []

Disney’s Infinity project leaked

By: Guy Cocker Disney‘s game division has had a difficult 2012. First, there was the departure of Bungie founder Alex Seropian in February, and in November Disney Epic Mickey 2 released to critical nonchalance, compounded by the division reporting a $216 million loss. However, the company has also been heavily investing, with acquisitions of Korea-based free-to-play developer StudioEX and Indian media house UTV. It was also recently unveiled that Disney has a new project in the works called Infinity, which GameSpot was []

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer is here

By: Erren Van Duine The Lightning Returns trailer is here. The first trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has surfaced online. Although short, it contains both CG and real time segments as it reintroduces the main character Lightning, as well as a look at the new world of Novus Partus. The video is entirely in English with narration provided by Hope Estheim, who has already been confirmed to be in the game as a sort of communicator to Lightning. Following a []

Final Fantasy IV hits iOS for $16

By: Eddie Makuch Square Enix role-playing game Final Fantasy IV is now available on iOS. The game launched today in the iTunes store for $16 with compatibility for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Final Fantasy IV originally launched in 1991 and has since been ported to a range of platforms, including a 2008 polygonal remake for the Nintendo DS. It was the first title to include the franchise’s now-familiar Active Time Battle system. Also, this latest version features voice acting. The iOS []

Week 51 2012 Pt. 1 (…Miss me?)

Batwoman #15 Mitera 16 issues, I think it’s time for this story line to end already. Don’t get me wrong, I like the direction that this story has taken over all, but it dragging to a point to annoyance and driving me to boredom. I’m honestly thinking of dropping this comic. Now, I love Batwoman but I was incredibly thankful that this issue did not revolve around her; it made the story less redundant however, it was redundant. In any case, the []

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm beta expanded

By: Eddie Makuch Blizzard Entertainment has expanded the beta for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Those who preordered a digital copy of the real-time strategy game on or before December 18 are now able to try out the game ahead of its scheduled release next year. Gamers who digitally preordered StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm after December 18 will be added into the beta on a weekly basis. All can download the game’s beta client, but only those whose accounts []