Day: 01/12/2012

Stephen King’s Mercy Adds Super 8, Walking Dead Kid Co-Stars

By: Sean O’Connell Stephen King’s short story Gramma was published in Weirdbook magazine back in 1984. And while countless King stories have made their way to the silver screen over the years (decades, really), Gramma has long been overlooked. Not any more. Peter Cornwell is stepping up to direct the horror thriller, using the title Mercy, and casting officially is underway. THR says that Super 8 standout Joel Courtney and The Walking Dead co-star Chandler Riggs have been tapped to play young []

Mirror’s Edge easter egg found in Battlefield 3 DLC

By: Eddie Makuch DICE continues to tease a return to Mirror’s Edge. YouTube user xXHerseyBoyXx has spotted (via MP1st) Mirror’s Edge protagonist Faith Connors’ running shoes atop one of the buildings in Battlefield‘s latest expansion, Aftermath. Additionally, Faith can be heard panting near the shoes. Last week, former DICE employee Ben Cousins said it is “general knowledge” in the Stockholm, Sweden development scene (where DICE is located) that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production. The game has been the subject of rumor []

PSY and Jackie Chan Looking Chummy at MAMA 2012

By: kimdebbie After wrapping up his MAMA performance, PSY went on twitter and asked fans, “How did you all like MAMA? I received a big congratulations from this guy right here” and uploaded a photo of the singer himself with his arm around none other than renown martial arts movie star Jackie Chan. Netizens who saw the photo of the two celebrities commented, “Wow, the reach of PSY’s fame is incredible. To think that even people in China know about him!”, “PSY, []

J.J. Abrams Picks Director For Sci-Fi Thriller God Particle

By: Kristy Puchko Particle physics became a big topic this year thanks to the Large Hadron Collider, a particle accelerator that was seeking answers about antimatter in the universe but sparked fears that the machine’s very existence could create a black hole that would swallow the Earth whole. For screenwriter Oren Uziel (Mortal Combat: Rebirth), this wasn’t just nightmare fuel, but the inspiration for a science fiction thriller he’s dubbed The God Particle. Set in an American space station, the film will []

Beyond: Two Souls not launching May 25

By: Eddie Makuch Yesterday, an IGN reader sent the site a screencap of the official page for Beyond: Two Souls, which revealed a May 25, 2013 release date for the PlayStation 3 game. However, this date is wrong. Sony told the site that the release date was posted to the site in error and has since been removed. “We have not announced a release date for Beyond: Two Souls outside of the 2013 time frame,” Sony said. “In fact, [Quantic Dream founder []

Haha and Byul Want a Son Who Resembles Yoo Seung Ho

By: jnkm Newlyweds Haha and Byul revealed their hopes and plans for their future children. On November 30, Haha and Byul tied the knot at the famous 63 Building in Seoul. Before the wedding ceremony, the couple held a press conference where a certain reporter asked them about plans for children. They confessed that they hope for a son who resembles Yoo Seung Ho. Byul said, “I always wanted a son who looks like Yoo Seung Ho since a long time ago. []

Highlander Reboot Loses Its Director

By: Eric Eisenberg If Juan Carlos Fresnadillo isn’t careful he’s going to wind up with a reputation of having a short attention span. In October of last year it was announced that he was moving on from the just-about-dead remake of The Crow to make a new version of Highlander. Unlike The Crow, some forward progress was made with the adventure film, signing Ryan Reynolds to play the lead role, but still more than a year later Fresnadillo has decided to say []

God of War movie a step in ‘bold’ new direction – Report

By: Laura Parker The upcoming God of War movie from Universal Studios will aim to differentiate itself from other films with similar themes. According to the film’s writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (who previously wroteSaw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3D), the big screen adaptation of Sony‘s popular gaming franchise will improve on films likeClash of the Titans and Immortals by taking a step in a bolder direction. “Those movies can inform the God of Warto step in a []

Lee Seung Gi Talks about the Aftermath of Leaving “1N2D”

By: jnkm Singer Lee Seung Gi spoke about the aftermath of his departure on the popular variety TV show, “1 Night 2 Days.” On November 30, Lee Seung Gi appeared on the popular music show, “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.” MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked, “Didn’t you feel kind of empty after leaving ’1 Night 2 Days?’” Lee Seung Gi answered, “Don’t look at it in that way. I was okay since I worked on a drama right away.” He continued, “But after []

Why Ultraviolet Is Killing DVD And Blu-ray, Not Saving Them

By: Katey Rich We are moving constantly closer to a world in which movies are not a physical object. Most people lived in that world for decades, of course, as movies were limited to reels of film projected in a movie theater, and the idea of “owning” your favorite film was as crazy as the idea of “owning” the movie stars who acted in it. But after decades of VHS and DVD and Blu-ray we grew used to shelves crammed with movies []