BioShock Infinite Box Art Released By Irrational Games

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU)


Ahead of the game’s release towards the start of next year, Irrational Games has decided that now is the perfect time to unveil the official BioShock Infinite box art.

The PlayStation 3 version of the box art highlights plenty of different things, like the PlayStation Move compatibility, but also the fact that the original BioShock comes packaged in free of charge.

Perhaps the most interesting point though, is that Irrational has chosen to put Booker DeWitt in the limelight wielding a shotgun. The two previous box arts featured masked characters, such as the Big Daddy, which were synonymous with the franchise.

BioShock Infinite is due to release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on the 26th of February, 2013. It was due to release towards the end of 2012, but Irrational Games decided to postpone the release to add additional polish.

Source: Gaming Union

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