Xbox 720 for holiday 2013 – Report

By: Eddie Makuch


Sources reportedly with knowledge of the matter have told Bloomberg that Microsoft will release its Xbox 720 in time for the holiday 2013 shopping season. This is far from the first time such a release window has been predicted, but Bloomberg has a track record of accuracy.

Additionally, the sources said Microsoft has not yet decided when to announce its Xbox 360 successor. The company is reportedly mulling an announcement at an industry event like the Electronic Entertainment Expo or a separate event where the new machine would have all of the spotlight.

A Microsoft representative was not immediately available to comment.

Microsoft’s next Xbox may not be just one device, but rather a two-SKU platform. A report from last week suggested Microsoft, in addition to a full-fledged Xbox 720, is also planning an Xbox-branded set-top device. This device will reportedly be a “low-cost” alternative to the full machine and will play casual games.

Source: GameSpot


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