Day: 05/12/2012

Microsoft denied Killer Instinct trademark renewal

By: Eddie Makuch The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has refused to allow Microsoft to renew its Killer Instinct trademark. In a government filing, the office said it would not allow it due to the possibility of confusion with Fox‘s since-ended television series Killer Instinct. “In the present case, applicant’s mark is Killer Instinct and registrant’s mark is Killer Instinct. Thus, the marks are identical in terms of appearance and sound,” a line from the statement reads “In addition, the []

Terminator Reboot Secures Additional Funding

By: Sean O’Connell That’s the thing about the Terminator … he’ll always be back. Now, however, we’re starting to hear more specifics. Megan Ellison, founder of Annapurna Pictures, has been backing a new series of Terminator films for more than a year at this point. But while directors and screenwriters have come and gone off of the project, Deadline now says that Ellison struck a deal with her brother, David, to co-finance the next phase ofTerminator films, implying that deals are about []

Fable II returns to Xbox Live

By: Eddie Makuch Fable II has returned to availability on Xbox Live following itsunexplained disappearance earlier this week. A Microsoft representative told GameSpot that an “isolated issue” affected the availability of Lionhead Studios‘ role-playing game on Games on Demand. “We have resolved the issue and the game is once again available. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused,” the statement reads. A GameSpot reader initially tipped the news yesterday, saying Fable II had mysteriously vanished. This person also said those who had []

Pacific Rim Sequel Already In The Works

By: Sean O’Connell Very few, if any at all, have managed to see Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, his massive robots-versus-monsters blockbuster that will storm theaters next summer. But here’s how you know that it’s a guaranteed smash hit long before a full trailer even hits screens: producers are getting the ball rolling on a sequel. Legendary has reportedly hired Travis Beacham to begin writing the screenplay for a Pacific Rim sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Beacham wrote a spec script []

First Assassin’s Creed III DLC out now

By: Eddie Makuch The first Assassin’s Creed III expansion goes live today. Ubisoft has announced that The Hidden Secrets downloadable content is now available for Xbox 360 and PC Season Pass holders, with a release slated for tomorrow on PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 and PC gamers without a Season Pass can grab the content December 11, with PS3 owners able to jump in December 13. It was not announced how much gamers without a $30 Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass can expect []

Matt Damon Could Reunite With George Clooney For Monuments Men

By: Eric Eisenberg They pulled three separate heist jobs together in Steven Soderbergh‘sOceans 11, 12, and 13, and went behind the scenes of the oil industry inSyriana, but now George Clooney is set to reunite with Matt Damon for an ensemble film of his own making. Damon, whose only film of 2012, Promised Land, won’t be released until December 28th, is now in talks to join the ranks of The Monuments Men, Clooney’s next directorial effort. Should he sign on he will []

Guitar Hero co-creator secures $6 million for Android controller

By: Eddie Makuch Guitar Hero franchise co-creator Charles Huang and his new company Green Throttle Games have raised $6 million in early stage funding to create an Android-powered controller and development ecosystem. The funding is led by venture capital groups Trinity Ventures and DCM. As part of the deal, Trinity Ventures general partner Ajay Chopra will join the board of directors at Green Throttle Games. The funds provided to the studio will be used to develop internal games, support external development, and []

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Arriving Online This Thursday

By: Sean O’Connell So you’re saying that you don’t want to wait until Dec. 14 to see that Star Trek Into Darkness trailer that Paramount has promised to put before prints of The Hobbit in neighborhood theaters? Well, neither does Simon Pegg. And because he’s actually part of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek ensemble, we’re willing to take his latest tweet as news (and not just speculation). Pegg just Tweeted that the trailer will debut online on Thursday, Dec. 6. “Get ready to []

Jamie Foxx Talks About Electro In The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

By: Eric Eisenberg One of the most challenging aspects of writing a superhero sequel has to be finding a way to introduce the new central villain. The previous movie has a few pre-established storylines that have to be adhered to, and it’s the writer’s responsibility to find a way for the new foe to fit into the established world organically. This is certainly something that is going to come up in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s been announced that Jamie []