Day: 13/12/2012

Sega Targets Level-5 For Patent Infringement

By: Lauren Alessandra   (@fozzness) Some bad news for Level-5 fans as Sega is now attempting to sue the development company for using a patented in-game mechanic in their Inazuma Eleven series. According to Sega, Level-5’s extremely popular football/RPG hybrid title, used a gameplay mechanic which lets players move their characters using their stylus on the DS‘ touch screen. Sega’s overall objective is to halt the sale of all eight Inazuma Eleven titles. They are also hoping for a large sum of 900 []

Community’s Gillian Jacobs Joins Elizabeth Banks For Walk Of Shame

By: Eric Eisenberg Elizabeth Banks may soon be doing the Walk of Shame on the big screen, but at least she will have a best friend to help her through the experience. Gillian Jacobs, best known for playing Britta “The Worst” Perry on the critically acclaimed NBC series Community has signed on to join Banks in the upcoming Steve Brill comedy and will be playing the main character’s close bud. According to THR, the movie, which Brill also wrote, is about a []

Rumour: PlayStation 4 Will Hit Shelves Spring 2014

By: Lauren Alessandra   (@fozzness) Although it’s still miles away, some new rumours have started coming out of the woodwork that state the PlayStation 4 will be out sometime between Spring-Autumn 2014. According to the rumour mill, the PS4 will definitely not be joining the next gen Xbox 360 console in 2013. The PS4 is apparently being produced under the code name ‘Thebes’and will be based on an AMD CPU and GPU. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much more information []

Johnny Depp To Become A Supercomputer In Wally Pfister’s Transcendence?

By: Eric Eisenberg If you’re a science-fiction fan, chances are that you’ve heard of something called the singularity. Known more accurately as the “technological singularity,” the term refers to a theory that it’s possible for technology to acquire intelligence greater than that of a human. This, in turn, would lead to what some refer to as “an intelligence explosion” where the tech would begin taking in information at a pace that no human could possibly keep up with. The most well-known cultural []

VG Music Spotlight: Guardia Millennial Fair (Chrono Trigger)

By: Jared Scott Released in 1995 during a golden age of gaming, Chrono Trigger graced our Western shores on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Considered by many to be one of the best RPGs of the SNES, it holds a special place in the hearts of both old-school gamers and newer gamers who have had a chance to play any of its several rereleases. While a beautiful game in many regards, its music, composed by Yasunori Mitsuda with assistance from Noriko Matsuda, []

Spider-Man Producer Planning Series Of Superhero Stories Based On Chinese Mythology

By: Sean O’Connell Hollywood producers have been eyeballing China as a territory to explore for a while. Lately, lip service has turned into action, with projects like Iron Man 3 choosing to shoot scenes in Beijing to strengthen partnerships with Chinese filmmakers and producing teams. Now Marvel and Sony guru Avi Arad is taking potential partnerships one step further with a series of superhero projects that are inspired by Chinese history and mythology. Arad, of course, has movies like Spider-Man, The X-Men []

Why Warface is called Warface

By: Eddie Makuch Some may think Crytek‘s free-to-play PC shooter Warface has a silly or far-fetched name, but according to company CEO Cevat Yerli, the title could not be more appropriate. “Because I think [Warface is] very personal. I think it’s a very social experience,” Yerli told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. “Yes, it’s a very strange word combination, but I wanted to express that it’s a truly social FPS game. It’s about war on a different scale–between corporate entities–but also, it’s a shooter []

New Iron Man 3 Images Reveal Wang Xuequi As Tony Stark’s Surgeon

By: Sean O’Connell The last time Tony Stark desperately needed a doctor was due to chunks of shrapnel making its way towards his heart, and he also happened to be in a cave and was forced to construct an iron suit with an electromagnetic core to permit himself to live for a few more years. For the next time out, though, it looks like Stark is going to get an actual doctor to come to his aid when he’s down and out. []

Secret World drops subscription fee

By: Eddie Makuch Massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Secret World no longer requires a subscription fee, developer Funcom announced today. Those who purchase the game either online or in store (at $30) will not be required to subscribe. Though Funcom has done away with a mandatory subscription fee for The Secret World, players can choose to pay via a new Membership option. This $15/month tier gives users a Time Accelerator item, $10 worth of Bonus Points, an item-of-the-month gift, and a []

Bungie founder reveals new game

By: Eddie Makuch Bungie founder Alex Seropian has big plans for his first game with new studio Industrial Toys. The company today announced its first game, Morning Star, a sci-fi shooter for iOS devices that aims to “raise the bar for mobile graphics” when it arrives during spring 2013. “With Morning Star, we’re looking to change expectations for what kind of experience core gamers get from their mobile devices,” Seropian said in a statement. Morning Star was built from the ground up []