Day: 14/12/2012

Yoshinori Kitase shows off the title screen for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By: Erren Van Duine Lightning Returns VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL The Lightning Returns official Facebook page has updated once again with a new look at the game behind the scenes. Today’s update brings Kitase’s desk. While Kitase is looking forward, you can see a small glimpse of the title image for Lightning Returns on his monitor. Note that these images are from a product still in development and they’re subject to change. While the last few updates have been of no []

Dylan McDermott Joins Stephen King Adaptation Mercy

By: Kelly West When he isn’t being mixed up with Dermot Mulroney on Saturday Night Live, Dylan McDermott has been appearing on American Horror Story, with his first on screen appearance in the FX drama series’ second season taking place just last night. And it looks like he’ll be sticking around the horror genre for one of his upcoming feature roles, as he’s been cast in Universal’s adaptation of Stephen King’s short story Gramma, titled Mercy. Directed by Peter Cornwell, Mercy follows []

Square Enix opens a new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy teaser site

By: Erren Van Duine A mysterious teaser site from Square Enix has appeared bearing the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy name. The site promises a reveal “soon” along with an animated graphic of the familiar Theatrhythm note slide and chimes. Speculation would lead us to believe in a possible mobile (iOS/Android) port given the more recent trends within the company. Such speculation is further fueled by the lack of a CERO rating – something which typically signifies a mobile or social game showing. Theatrhythm []

Garrett Hedlund Confirms He’s In For Tron 3

By: Katey Rich It feels like about 10 years since Tron: Legacy came to theaters, as pop culture moved on pretty quickly from a brief flirtation with light cycles, director Joseph Kosinski dove into the new project Oblivion, and star Garrett Hedlund worked hard to prove he was more than just the blank pretty boy who seemed lost at the center of the Game Grid. I would have bet you about $50 six months ago that a Tron sequel would never happen, []

Final Fantasy XIII-2 composers reprise their roles for Lightning Returns

By: Erren Van Duine Familiar faces will be heading up the score to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Confirmed via a poster given away at Distant Worlds in Chicago, composers Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, and Mitsuto Suzuku will be lending their talents once again to the final chapter in Lightning’s saga. While not surprising in any way, it’s nice to finally have official confirmation – something that wasn’t initially revealed when the game was announced back in September. Square Enix plans to []

Justice League Plot Revealed?

By: Katey Rich Much as we might like it to be otherwise, the only person currently confirmed to be working on Warner Bros.‘ Justice League movie is screenwriter Will Beall. The Gangster Squad writer is presumably hard at work putting together a draft good enough to lure in a top-flight director, but while he works, we have nothing to but speculate about what he might bring us– and boy, have we ever been speculating. The latest bit of kindling to add to []

Final Fantasy IV heads to iOS and Android devices

By: Erren Van Duine The next Final Fantasy to debut on smart devices is Final Fantasy IV. Square Enix has revealed that FFIV will be joining I through III on both iOS and Android, having seen previous releases on both DS and PSP. The game will launch first on iOS devices and is scheduled for a December 20th worldwide launch retailing at ¥1,800. The new version will of course include touch screen navigation, and a new easier mode meant for novice players. []

Revealed: Star Wars Originally Had Female X-Wing Pilots

By: Sean O’Connell Quick! Name three female characters from the original Star Wars! Well, there was Princess Leia. And Luke’s aunt Beru (Shelagh Fraser). And … um. Well … there was, uh, Ashoka? No, that was Clone Wars. Were any of the Jawas female? Clearly George Lucas wasn’t going out of his way to be politically correct back in 1977 when he took audiences to a galaxy far, far away for the initial Star Wars. In fact, according to a story on []

Dark Souls II Goes Multiplatform In Japan

By: Lauren Alessandra   (@fozzness) Although its predecessor was a PS3 exclusive in Japan, developer From Software has now announced that Japanese gamers will be able to enjoy Dark Souls II on the Xbox 360. In the west, Namco Bandai had published Dark Souls on the Xbox 360 along with the PS3, so for Japan to have a change of heart after two other titles in the series have been released (Dark Souls being the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls) is all rather []

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX About 80 Percent Complete

By: fozzie Beloved Kingdom Hearts fans, we have some answers. According to reports, the HD remake of Kingdom Hearts (a.k.a 1.5 HD ReMIX) is almost finished and that there will be a special treat for those who complete the game. According to Famitsu, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX is currently 80 to 90 percent complete which means hopefully we will be seeing more reports soon. Also, apparently there’s going to be a new treat for those who complete it and it’s not []