Microsoft creating franchise that blends games and film

By: Eddie Makuch


Halo maker Microsoft is staffing up for a new game that “blends the best elements of games and TV/film,” according to a job advertisement spotted by Videogamer. The company is seeking an experienced producer to come aboard to contribute to the “exciting new AAA core game.”

The job ad says Microsoft aims to “add new blood” to its existing stable of franchises, which includes Halo, Fable, Forza Motorsport, and Gears of War, with this new series. A qualified candidate for the position will not only need to have experience shipping AAA games, but also experience with TV and film production.

Last month, Microsoft rebranded its Vancouver outfit Black Tusk Studios and said the developer was at work on “Microsoft’s next big entertainment franchise.” Before that, Microsoft hired former CBS Television executive Nancy Tellem to join as the president of the company’s Entertainment and Digital Media division. She and her team will develop “unique, compelling storytelling experiences” at a new production studio in Los Angeles, California.

Source: GameSpot

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