Day: 20/12/2012

Here’s Lightning’s New Look For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By: Darryl Since their reveal for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII over the summer, Square Enix have been pretty quiet. That is, until a recent Japanese magazine published Lighting’s new look. A rather comical artist’s impression of the new look appearing on the internet yesterday, but we’ve now got official confirmation that Lighting will be donning some rather formidable armour for her new outing. Aside from the black breast plate, we can see that Lightning has a built-in shield on her left []

Samuel L Jackson On Board For Live Action Remake Of Anime Classic Kite

By: Mack Rawden You know how certain actors seem to take the same roles in the same types of movies over and over again? Samuel L Jackson is definitely not one of them. From weird, smaller budget movies like Black Snake Moan to gigantic blockbusters like The Avengers, he’s cast an extremely wide net for years, and miraculously, his newest role will stretch it even further thanks to the strange and distinctive world of Japanese anime. According to, Jackson has boarded []

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary: Embracing The Difficulty

By: Spencer For the past quarter of a century, the main Final Fantasy games have been known for memorable stories, grandiose soundtracks, and consistently offering a difficult challenge to players. Starting 25 years ago with the original Final Fantasy, the challenge was there even in an age of games that required a lot of time and effort to complete. While some may be turned off by the difficult nature of the games, others thrive off it and praise each iteration for this []

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Officially Adds Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

By: Eric Eisenberg When it was first revealed that Hugh Jackman was in talks for a small role as Wolverine in Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days of Future Past it looked like a no-brainer. After all, Jackman has played the same live-action superhero in more films than any other single actor (showing his commitment to the role) and it would give him a chance to reunite with the same director that got him the gig in the first place. But only now, after []

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Coming Spring 2013

By: Spencer Pressly   (@torchwood4sp) North America will now be able to play the Sega Saturn classic Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers on the Nintendo 3DS. This version will include new gameplay features, enhancements, and a full English localization. This latest entry in the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner series will release sometime in Spring 2013. You will have to traverse this futuristic first-person dungeon-crawler RPG as a group of hackers. These hackers are trying to challenge the centuries-old society and []

Mark Wahlberg And Dwayne Johnson Lift Weights And Kidnap People In First Pain And Gain Trailer

By: Eric Eisenberg After five straight years of making Transformers movies, Michael Bay promised to change things up with his next project – and it seemed like he was. Instead of going for some new major action blockbuster, he instead committed himself to Pain & Gain, a project that the director described as a Coen brothers-esque dark comedy about a group of muscleheads who try and make a quick buck through a kidnapping plot. Unfortunately now the first trailer for the film []

System of a Down frontman writing music for Morning Star

By: Eddie Makuch System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian has returned to games. The artistannounced through his website that he created the entire musical score for Bungie founder Alex Seropian’s upcoming iOS title Morning Star. The game is due out in spring 2013. “Though most of the gameplay will be action oriented cues, the stunning artwork and static scenes have inspired unique sounds unheard before,” Tankian said in a statement. Tankian previously composed parts of the score for 2007 Xbox 360 []

Angelina Jolie Settles On Unbroken For Her Second Directorial Effort

By: Sean O’Connell Angelina Jolie dipped her toes into the directing pool for 2011’s In the Land of Blood and Honey, a harrowing love story between a Bosnian and a Serbian set during times of war. Though the process was grueling for Jolie (for various reasons), like most directors, once she got a taste for filmmaking, she’s unable to stop … and her latest project is starting to take shape. It’s also comforting, if that’s the right word, to hear that Jolie []

THQ files for bankruptcy

By: Eddie Makuch Beleaguered Saints Row publisher THQ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company announced today. It has entered into an asset purchase agreement with a bidder to acquire “substantially all of the assets of THQ’s operating business.” This includes the company’s four wholly-owned studios and games in development. “The sale will allow THQ to shed certain legacy obligations and emerge with the strong financial backing of a new owner with substantial experience in software and technology,” the company said []

Will Star Wars VII Have Luke Skywalker Return To Yavin 4?

By: Eric Eisenberg The most famous real-world Star Wars shooting location has to be the Tunisian desert. With the exception of The Empire Strikes Back, every film in the franchise has shot at least one scene in the African nation, the sandy terrain primarily used for the areas of Tatooine, which you may remember as Luke Skywalker‘s homeworld. But there is another lesser-known on-location spot that you can visit as well, namely a Guatemalan temple that was used as the main Rebel []