Here’s Lightning’s New Look For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By: Darryl

heres-lightnings-new-look-for-lightning-returns-final-fantasy-xiiiSince their reveal for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII over the summer, Square Enix have been pretty quiet. That is, until a recent Japanese magazine published Lighting’s new look.

A rather comical artist’s impression of the new look appearing on the internet yesterday, but we’ve now got official confirmation that Lighting will be donning some rather formidable armour for her new outing.

Aside from the black breast plate, we can see that Lightning has a built-in shield on her left arm, which is rather crimson looking. She’s also sporting a crimson sword as well as a pretty big cloak.
At the same time, Square Enix re-confirmed through the Japanese publication that the game would take place in Novus Partus, which will be comprised of four islands that are connected via a monorail system. The whole purpose of this is to make the game “world driven”. We’ll have to see how this works out in practice before we can see how this translates into gameplay.

Tell us what you think about Lightning’s new look in the comments below. How do you think this compares with her previous two designs?

Source: Final Fantasy Union

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