Final Fantasy IV hits iOS for $16

By: Eddie Makuch


Square Enix role-playing game Final Fantasy IV is now available on iOS. The game launched today in the iTunes store for $16 with compatibility for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Final Fantasy IV originally launched in 1991 and has since been ported to a range of platforms, including a 2008 polygonal remake for the Nintendo DS. It was the first title to include the franchise’s now-familiar Active Time Battle system. Also, this latest version features voice acting.

The iOS version of Final Fantasy IV sports a few system-specific features and alterations including support for Game Center, which allows users to earn achievements and track progress against friends. The game’s difficulty level has also been adjusted for “improved playability,” Square Enix said.

Final Fantasy IV is not the only franchise entry Square Enix has brought to iOS recently. The company last week launched Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as a free download in iTunes with ten $1-3 expansion packs available.

Source: GameSpot


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